Saturday, October 11, 2008

What I do well as a Mother.

Heather over at EO challenged us to post what we feel we are doing well as mothers. This challenge comes at a perfect time for me. I'm feeling crabby and un-motherly. So I'm sitting here banging on the keys trying to outwit her!

  • I am caring. If it cries I run and kiss it. (unless it's a bunny my cat caught. Then I'm afraid it's reached the end of it's short little life.)
  • I am generous. I will share my chocolate and potato chips. (But not my toothbrush or deodorant.)
  • I am silly-hearted. I am easy to get to laugh and enjoy the general sillyness of children.
  • I am organized. I can find just about anything in a haystack.
  • I bake really good chocolate chip cookies. YES, I promise to post about these soon!
  • I am considerate. I try to cook something everyone likes in spite of the fact that they all love broccoli. Yeck!
  • I am a great listener. Have you seen my blog list? Whenever the children speak I listen, unless it's crying or screeching or screaming. It must be in a calm soft voice. And there is no talky in the car. Mama is driving!
  • I can play cars and Barbies better then anyone over 7. (I majored in Barbies...I played with them well into my 20 when I had no children of my own.)
  • I can be cool in a crisis. The more blood the calmer I am. This goes against everything I would have thought but it's true.
  • I am a lover. Affectionate. I love hugs. I can not get enough of my children. When they come to snuggle it's usually them wanting to get away. I wish I could put them in a little zipper baggy, freeze them and take them out and snuggle when I need a piece of love. (Ok I wouldn't seriously do this, but I wish I could.)
  • I am a good wife. Rob is the MAN, of the house. I show him respect and love at all times. (this was not demonstrated to me as a child so I'm going on instinct people.)
  • I read to the kids. A lot.
  • We discuss problems together. Like why did you hit your brother? What made you eat the whole bag of cookies? What do you think we should do about you lying? Who took my lipstick?!?
  • I set and maintain strict limits for my kids. They know the consequences before the actions and are free to choose.
  • I respect my child's opinions and allow them to express themselves.
  • I am a good mother because I take it seriously, that I am raising the next generation and it is up to me to show them who God is and that sometimes life isn't fair. It can be down right cruel. But our Father in heaven so loves us and has great and wonderful things for us.
  • If I can teach them one thing. It would be unconditional love. I am still learning myself about His love for me. But I am dedicated to involve my children in my journey that they may see the Truth and walk in it.

Ok, I do feel better, but I need a shower. I'm going to go wash away all the ugly stinkiness I woke up with this morning!

Thanks, Heather.


  1. Thank you! This is exactly what I had in mind. It does feel good doesn't it?
    I'm thinking you're the best mom ever :)

    I need to take a class from you on car playing. I get bored in about five seconds...

  2. I just told my stepson that I am sitting here reading email and blogsurfing so that I don't strangle my two children. This was my refuge after spending an hour and a half at an 8 yr olds birthday party and then having both of my children act up as we left.

    I need to sit down and make a list too. One that I can read over and over again any time I am tired, cranky, at my wits end, ready to just cry with frustration!

    Thanks for sharing and helping lift us up today!

  3. This is a great list! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Beautiful list! I do think it is so important to reflect on what we are doing right in this somewhat 'invisible' profession of ours...

    Love getting to know more about you!

  5. Do you know how awesome it is to read a list like this, where someone is acknowledging the things they do well? Love it!

    And...majoring in Barbies...LOL!


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