Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall Tradition

Every fall we have a tradition of going to Gertens Greenhouses. It is a massive place, full of breathtaking beauty. And would you believe it's just off the freeway. (We call them freeways, not tollways or expressways because there are no tolls and it's NOT faster. We have 2 seasons. Winter and roadwork.)

We as a family make it a tradition to go to Gertens twice a year. Once in the fall, for their fall festival and then again at Christmas time to see Santa.

They have tons of pumpkins, fall flowers, you can make your own scarecrow, face painting, a very non-spooky spooky walk, hay rides. The one thing I really thought they needed was apples, that would MAKE it! That next year guess what they had apples from a local orchard! Complete bliss!

This was the first year we brought the kids. 2005


And this is last year. I can't wait to see what magic the day holds for us this year.

What are your families plans for the weekend?

Do you have any fall traditions?


  1. Ooooh, that looks like fun! Our fall tradition was to take our children to a pumpkin farm in Wisconsin, but we've been wondering what to do since moving to Minnesota; Thank You! Then we had pumpkin carving parties with lots of fresh Apple Cider and an Italian dinner, family style, and lots of grandparent photo ops, lol. Blessings, Whitney

  2. My husband is going for disaster relief training today and tomorrow, so we aren't doing anything as a family. But a friend and I do want to take our kiddos to a local orchard. Your day looks like it will be soooo much fun!

  3. 'Two seasons--winter and roadwork'--snort!!! Oh, that sent coffee through my sinuses!!!

    Great pics--look like a good time was had by all!!

    How's that Dyson loving going?!? Cracked up at your comment yesterday!


  4. Apple cider mills and donuts. Ahh, the memories! That was in Michigan. ***sigh*** There is no fall in Vegas. :*(

  5. Our fall lasts for a blink of an eye, so no, we don't really have any traditions. Kinda sad, because I really love fall!

  6. oh how i LOVE days like this. sounds purely wonderful. enjoy!

  7. This post made me think I need to slow down and do something fun. My oldest daughter always has a huge Halloween party...50-60 kids show up so we spend our October getting ready for her party. It is a lot of fun!!

  8. what happy family pictures! we also travel to a nearby pumpkin farm yearly. this weekend is still unplanned , that is except for going to the Lord's house!! oh and sleep , well probably not much of it , i always expect the least and hope for the most! have a great weekend!

  9. We do the orchard thing every year. And pumpkin carving. And our city hall on Oct 31st for the family shin-dig. That's about it.

    Gerten's looks like fun!

  10. What a wonderful fall tradition. I would love to check it out! How cool is it that you can make your own scarecrow? All your pictures were great. You just can't go wrong with fall time displays. they make for great photos every time!

    You have a great blog and I'm glad I discovered it! :-)


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