Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Crabby? Crank it up!

Are you feeling oh so grumpy? Can't get enough sleep? The kids are off the walls crazy and quiet is something only librarians and cemetery workers know about.
Well, I know what you're going through.
Hubby is cranky. He hates cold. He has been a waspy bee the last week now and I couldn't put my finger on it. I realized the electric blanket had died. Which annoyed me to know end. It was 2 winters old. (and carefully folded and rebagged for summer, 3months storage.) There should be laws protecting us from this fleecing of our hard earned dollars!
Once I realized the problem I set out to resolve it. I.E. Buy a new blanket.
I could just buy the same brand *cough* Sunbeam. I wanted something better. I went to the Internet. OVER-stinkin-whelming. I read reviews. I read all about the blankets, but ; little was ever mentioned about the warranties! I went to Kohls. I found the softest electric blanket I could find and spent the $103.99 on it!
It preheats like it's suppose to. It stays warm like it's suppose to. It hasn't fallen off the bed yet? (someone said in their review that it fell off their bed? were they using satin sheets?)
I know that I have until slightly after Christmas to return it, if it decides to die.
Hubby has been sleeping better, he is toasty warm. He sleeps with his side cranked up to 15. I sleep at a 1 with the ceiling fan going! Although I can't solve the Vikings losing, which I feel is the root of Mr. crankypants problem.
Did you know they make electric blankets for goats?

I found this picture while looking for the other blanket picture. Ok, I didn't grow up on a farm so I didn't know such a thing existed. But I sure laughed when I saw it!

Along with the new blanket I bought a few sweaters. 4 to be exact. One will be wrapped up for myself for Christmas. One is for the dare to wear project. One is for Hubby for Christmas and the other is for Butter. We love our sweaters.

I feel kinda lucky that we haven't seen any of the crude going around yet. I have decided not to get flu shots this year. It is hard being the Mom and saying "Ok Kids it's time to get our shots, so we don't get sick." and then a week later one of them gets sick and says "But you made me get the shot and said I wouldn't get sick." How do you get out of that guilt. I'm not doing it this year, Roo has to get his 4 year-old boosters this year in Jan. I won't give him double the stress. I have come to terms with the fact that at some point this winter I could look like this.

It is AMAZING the pictures you can find on google. Like for instance, did you know that there is another me? A British me? Oh yes and I will introduce you to her later.

Have you ever googled yourself? I can't find ME, but I found lots of HER.

Pretty, sexy, British me. Hummmmmm.


  1. Funny stuff! :) The electric blanket sounds wonderful! I am always cold.

    The interent is an intersting place isn't it. :) Crazy what you can find. I need to google myself just to see... :)

    Still contemplating dare to wear. just not sure what to do yet. :)

  2. You are so stinkin hilarious!

    You know, if you moved to NOLA, you wouldn't need an electric blanket, though your hubby would probably need a lung replacement from all the mold spores floating around. It's a trade off.

  3. I LOVE electric blankets! I don't own one - yet - but the house out in Priddis has one on every bed, they are glorious.

  4. p.s. saw your tag on the side...what? another video blog?! oh you know I'M there!!!

  5. sara, sometimes you make me laugh so hard it carries thru my day! i love how you ramble on and woa...there's a goat! such a riot! and i mean that with all the love!

    can't wait to see the british you!

  6. No more electric blankets for me.....over 45, don't need one, enough said!!

    The goat was pretty random!! very funny!


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