Tuesday, November 18, 2008

British Me!

Google has everything! Everything but me. (Oh, I'm NOT complaining!)
But it through me for a loop when I found British ME.

Meet the British version of Sara Cox. She is blond and quite sassy.
British Sara like to wear dresses and doesn't look horrific in them.
She has a handsome Husband, not as handsome as mine though...
She has a sweet little baby girl. Is it me or does she look like Michelle Williams in this picture?
British Sara has a dog. A Basset hound.
She has adoring teenage fans! (Now she looks like Paige Davis)
She is on the side of a BUS! She is a radio DJ, and I just so happen to have a certificate in broadcasting.
Here she is with Daughter and newborn son. Now you are probably thinking well what does British Sara sound like?

(I have watched this video, NO it is not x-rated and I for the life of me can't understand HALF of what she is saying.)

I got "friday" and a "tub full of gin" and "licking her shoe." Can anyone translate the rest?
I guess I really like being the American, Minnesota version. People understand me, and I'm not the size of a bus, I mean on the side of a bus. And I like my Schnauzer, not bassets. They are SO sad looking. It was fun to be British for oh a post, but I like Minnesota Sara better, yeah, you betcha!


  1. I've never heard of her, but I've heard of you, so you're obviously more famous.

  2. Ahaha, I caught something about winnebagos a jacuzzi they filled with gin, something about someone tinkering with the temperature on her new oven so the souffle turned came out like scones, or maybe it was they had scones for breakfast?

    Yup. I definitely have not heard of her, and since like miss bayou belle, I must concur, you are more famous than the British Sarah Cox... (and funnier too)

  3. That's funny stuff. I like the Minnesotan version better too :)

  4. I like MN Sara too. :)

    I get the funniest word verifications on your page. Today it's "ulpfer."

  5. oh....and i bet no one came up to her in that wedding dress and asked if she was expecting....uh, unless she was?

    i'm glad i can understand you girl and i got a kick out of this post. i'm off to hunt for my double. kinda scared it might end up being sweepstakes winner from idaho who has no teeth. but i'm gonna try!

  6. all I could think of in that film was "this is a mother of two beautiful children?!"

    You are WAY better!!!!


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