Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dare To Wear part uno

Sweet Jodie left me such a moving comment yesterday that I started an email to her, it got to be super long and I decided it should be a post NOT an email. She had said I sounded so together, and asked be when I learned to be. I'm still learning! So I began to tell her how I hate lying. My world is black and white. The grey only exists to blurr the TRUTH from the lies. It's the Enemy working us. "Oh, you don't want to hurt their feelings what kind of friend would you be? The (store) doesn't even notice they gave you $10 back instead of $1. "Go ahead say you'll get together, she doesn't really mean to either." It's those little "white" lies that get a foot hold and then we are lying about how much we spent at Target, or on the hairdresser, to new little pretty we bought our self. For me if it's NOT true. It's a lie. That is how God sees things. I'm trying to be more like him and live is his ways...
I'll say it again. If it's not TRUE, it is a LIE.
(Now, what is true for me: John McCain: might be not be so true for you "cough" Obama. That's not what I'm talking about and you are all really smart and already know what I'm talking about so don't lie to yourself and say I have no idea what she is talking about. (NOW, I don't know where my thought was going...Do ya'll have brain farts? Seriously, wind passes through the blank corners of my mind.
It echo echo echo echossss
I need an answer answer answerrrr
What was the question question questionnnn?
Oh, my Jodie email.
So I was telling her how when a friend asks me if she looks good, I can't lie.
I will find something I like and build on it.
"Those pants really fit you nice, but that top isn't flattering and it's all the manufacturer's fault because there is no human older then 25 who is a size zero and not in need of eating disorder therapy."
Then I was reminded, convicted...keep reading. (This is part email, then I realized I had a post.)
Ok, this totally makes me laugh, I can't BELIEVE I just wrote about this. Mama Belle is doing that Dare to wear. I the ONLY thing I will NOT wear anymore are dresses. I bought this cute dress 2 years ago. It was like this jersey, stretchy thing and gathered at the bust and was A-line. I have big hips and butt and thighs and a pouch from too children. (I was the size 0 in my early 20's I could eat like a horse and not gain a pound!) I started "filling in" around 25. After the kids forget it. I'm a 12,14 even 16 depending on the darn brand! I hate GAP because in their clothes I'm a 16, even 18 in the skinny jean! SEE it's ALL the clothing manufacturers fault. They have THEIR ideal size and well the rest of us are just too fat. PI-SHA. Anyway, the dress. I FELT so lovely in it, sexy. With my cute knee high black boots...smokin'. I wore it a total of 4 times. Why? Because EVERY TIME I wore it someone asked me when I was DUE! I kid you not. I was at a wedding when it first happened. A childhood friend's, so I knew a lot of her family that was there. And the Aunt came up to me and said "OH Sara, it's so good to see you! Will this be your 2nd or 3rd?" I thought WHAT is she talking about. I politely said "I'm sorry my 2nd or 3rd what?"
She frowned feeling the awkwardness coming "Baby?"
I politely laughed and touched her arm "Oh, I'm not pregnant."
"Oh, I'm SO sorry."(change of subject and she ran away.)
I was MORTIFIED. But because I was more worried for her I played along and for the rest of the night it was a running joke that I was excepting twins. Then later it would be triplets...well you get the idea. When I got home I hung it in the back of the closet. So awhile passes and Rob asks why I don't wear my "sexy" dress. Ok, so HE likes it and maybe it was a fluke, It does kinda hit all the right spots to look good. We are out to dinner and the hostess seating us says "Oh, congratulations!"
Um, NO I'm not pregnant. And thanks for ruining our evening alone! No, she wasn't a teenager either, she was old enough to KNOW better. It was back to the back of closet for you dress. We had another family party, Rob requested the dress again and I whined that I looked pregnant when I wore it! He talked me into it. I wore it and was asked by 2 separate FAMILY members if I was pregnant. Don't you think they'd KNOW. Have heard "THE" news? Seriously, how can people be so (stupid). I mean wrong. I am TELLING you it's the dress. I have sworn off dresses. And I can't come up with something outside the box other then a dress and I refuse to go there. The belly has only grown since the dress has been retired to the Goodwill box. So maybe ya'll can help me. I show you the dress. Show it to you on me (CRINGE) jewels and all and you tell ME what the heck I'm doing wrong!?!
I am totally freaking out about putting up these pictures. I'd rather admit all my disfunction then be seen in this again!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!
Oh man PULEEEEEEEEEZ be nice. And if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all. Better yet close your eyes so you won't have nightmares!

This was painful. Butter took the pictures, and she is all of 4 feet tall. I should have had Rob on a ladder looking down on me at least my boobs would have looked good!


  1. It's the cut of the dress that is the problem. I have one very similar, and people always ask if I'm pregnant when I wear it, too. (Usually, they are horrified, because who in their right mind has five children!! It cracks me up every time.) I have noticed that if I don't wear a dress with a defined waist, someone thinks I am expecting. Sadly, I don't have a defined waist at the moment, so I am swearing off dresses until I get some weight off! :o)

  2. You crack me up with the boobs comment.

    Maybe I'm just weird, but I don't see anything wrong with the dress. I think in the front shot you look great, and I think the only reason it comes out below the waist in the second shot is because of the fabric. Jersey, while sent from heaven when it comes to comfort, is the clingiest fabric on me and clings in all the wrong places. I too swore off dresses after having a baby, but I've slowly started wearing them again and I've discovered one thing: jersey is out unless Spanx are involved (and not Oprah's $70 Spanx; the $30 Spanx in the hosiery department at Dillards). I've started getting cotton dresses that already have a shape so the fabric is not clinging to mine.

    Now if only I could get some of this weight off, I might could try the jersey again. *sigh*

  3. I think you look beautiful in the pictures! I can not believe any one would have the nerve to ask you/assume you were pregnant. Who does that?

    So many of the latest styles are very maternity lokoing, so it is never safe to just assume. Every one is wearing that kind of stuff now. :)

    You look good Sara! Take your husbands word for it.

  4. I'm with Wendi. I wore an empire waist shirt to church this summer and an older man asked me if there was "something I hadn't told everyone" I assured him he'd be the first to know ;)

    1/2 the stuff I'm wearing these days looks like maternity tops. Wear it with pride, and if anyone is actually dumb enough to ask, let them know its the latest fashion trend, and you're sorry they're so out of the loop that they didn't know about it. ;)

  5. Ok - I don't see it! And who in the WORLD asks someone if they're pregnant?! I would NEVER ask someone that because of the exact situation that their comments caused... a wonderfully nice woman thinks that her dress makes her look fat - nice... good job people!

  6. You so do not look pregnant in that dress!!! Not even to the side. That's insane. But don't worry. I'm a size 6 (sometimes 8), and I have a lot of empire-waist shirts, and EVERYTIME I wear them, people (i.e. my mother-in-law, my aunt, my husband's friends) say, "Oh my gosh, are you pregnant??!!" I've EVEN HAD PEOPLE PUT THEIR HANDS ON MY STOMACH!!! I think it's just people expect women to always wear tight-fitting clothes, but I'm sorry; I like my things a little loose!! lol Anyway, you look AWESOME in that dress. No wonder your husband likes it! =)

  7. Cute Dress, Cute girl wearing the dress. I like it. I think it's the whole gathering thing at the top. I have a few shirts like that, and not only do I look pregnant, I feel pregnant when I wear them... NO I'm not pregnant!

  8. Don't feel bad...it's the style. The current fashions are mocking maternity wear....the high waists, the baby-doll tops...etc..

    I think you look cute. And for all those dumb enough to ask the 'when are you due' question, think how much worse they feel than you do when they discover they are wrong.

    And you are not alone. Sadly, one of the reasons I was happy about a fifth pregnancy was so that I could start wearing maternity clothes and have an honest answer to that 'when are you do' question!

  9. i say you send that dress out this way, i'll try it on, take pictures and then we'll see "who looks prego"!!!! black or white? i can't really tell in the photo. so for someone to come from across the room and say that, well they ARE rude! i love the pattern and i do think you look sexy in it. next time just let a slip show obviously out the back and THEN see who blurts it out.

    you are brave girl and i think you are pretty no matter what you have on. btw...12, 14, 16? i'm with ya!!!

  10. Too funny! I think the dress looks two sizes too big! That is why people think you look prego! Mainly it is too big in the tummy area...try an empire waist next time!

    Oh, your boobs look fine! :)

  11. I think it's a very pretty dress, and that gwendolyn is absolutely right with it being the cut.

    Honestly the stuff we used to call maternity is completely in right now. I can't tell you how many times I've been asked.

    However, I adore the cut because it's comfy. Keep the dress, girl and rock it especially since your hubs thinks you look sexy!

  12. I agree with Gwendolyn...I think it is the cut. But like all the ladies above me, EVERYONE is wearing these empire-waist style dresses now, and NO ONE should ever assume that somebody is pregnant...wow. Don't give up on the dress, girl...it's cute. And, if hubby likes it, wear it for him and don't worry about anyone else!

  13. I agree that it's a very cute outfit. Did you buy it when the empire waists weren't in style as much? Because now they're all the rage and you might get less comments like that. I don't think you look pregnant, and people are stupid.


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