Thursday, November 6, 2008

Remember when Thursday's were spent with Friends?

Bring back the funny. I love Friends. I really miss Friends. So Because it's Thursday when Friends used to be on. I'm giving some funny. This stuff never gets old.

You are so welcome!


    That was a great episode!
    Who doesn't love a ground beef trifle?

  2. i miss joey's whole outlook on life...such a goofball! and boy at the end, sure does look like a typical holiday family get together in the majority of houses in this country! ahh dysfunctional...sounds like home.

  3. Do you watch the Office? That right there could be your Friends replacement... plays on Thursdays. :)

    Thank you for your comment. I loving *meeting* new people! I'm glad you liked my blog.

    I LOVE your header picture. The hands all together is so simple and so beautiful.

  4. I totally remember that one! Well, I remember all of them. Because I was so addicted.

    Now I'm just collecting all seasons via Christmas presents. (:


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