Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Video "Leaves"

After I sulked for most of the morning. And realized in fact that Al Franken did not get elected.
I needed to burn off some steam. I tackled the front yard. Here is what my hard work got me. (It's no election, but it makes me happy!)

Then Butter came home. Yes our dog tries to heard the kids.

Ahh, fall is nearly over for us now. After two glorious days of 70's the snow is due in sometime Friday night or Saturday. (Just in time for my trip out of town. yeck.) That is the way the cookie crumbles here in MN. You got big plans...the weather will be yucky. Roo decided to be born during an ice storm. I'll have to tell that tale. Our wedding was a gorgeous day. It was in December though. 45*. It was nicer for our wedding then for Hubby's brother who married in April. Windy and 37*. We also had a blizzard on Halloween one year. I think 1991. It was my final day of behind the wheel and the instructor thought it wise to teach me how to properly whip donuts in the snow. MAN, that was awesome! Can anyone tell me WHY I'm blathering on about weather?? Sorry 'bout that. I'm going to go read now. I'm back on the Shack, chapter 4.


  1. my dog is sitting on the floor near me and let out a funny bark when he heard this video. maybe he's saying he wants to meet your pooch!? dang i've missed you girl. your cuties look like they had a lot of fun in this. here? well the leaves are all wet so if we try to pile them up and jump...they stick to our bums!

  2. looks like they were having fun! It snowed last night and today here, boo! At least it was nice for Halloween! My dog just tackles the kids, no herding involved which is weird because he's part Great Pyrenees you'd think he'd want to herd them?

  3. Such fun. Although I really hate raking. The very next day they're all back anyway. Ugh...

  4. Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I've always like watching the parade's. I 'm excited because my oldest in old enough to enjoy it now. And Friends is my all time favorite. Your tree sounds really cute!!

  5. Love the videos. Looks like lots of fun. I wish we had fall leaves here. Our leaves are either green or dead. We're still in shorts right now. I would love to have snow and a real winter. We got a bit of a it when we lived in Oklahoma for 6 years. I miss it.

  6. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I miss raking up leaves and jumping in piles. We have NO trees here. Your kiddos (and dog!) are so cute


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