Thursday, November 20, 2008

Roo ta Doo.

Roo is funny. My precious surprise. Well, he surprised me again. He came down to ask if it was time for school when I noticed this on his foot.

Here is the video to explain.

How stinkin' cute is he!

Oh, and let me clarify that I am as DONE as I can be at the moment. Here let me explain:

These are gifts for family members, not of this house hold. I still need to get my Pink Lemonade bag for Stacey, My Mom's carwash GC and Hubby's stuff which I am still mulling over.

Then there are these presents all for those in this house, Mostly of the kiddo kind. I haven't got the pet's gifts because they will eat through the paper...And Yes I did buy myself a sweater and wrapped it.Then we have the ones hidden under the table because snoopers will recognize the box. I haven't yet gotten ALL the gifts from "Santa" yet because I never know what they'll ask for and I must get at least one thing they ask Santa for. I can only prep them so much..."Well, I thought you were asking for blah blah blah..."

"No, I want that for my birfday...I want Santa to bring this."

Santa has a headache.

So we come to this pile. It's the Birthday stash. You see Butter is December 27. Roo is January 1. I do get things after Christmas on clearance like I told you before, BUT there are things I can't risk waiting to pick up. I wrap as soon as it comes in the door, so I'm not swamped days before Christmas. I am available for hire. I require very little. Scotch Tape and nice wrapping paper, none of that thin stuff! And I love bows and ribbons I love doing pretty. But Pretty around here is NOT appreciated, so I slap on a sticker tag and make sure the name is LARGE.

Now for the Christmas cards. I MADE them, yes. But the letter is in final print and we haven't gotten our picture taken yet. Nor have I addressed the envelopes yet. I made 40 cards. That is all I'm sending. I'm not making anymore.

Yes, I do know I can buy some. But the crafting keeps me busy and adds meaning to my life people. It's laundry, and pull-ups and Barbies and matchbox cars and dust bunnies and dead mice and car breaking down and dishes....I need meaning!


  1. I'm humbled. You've got a system and everything. I better go read this again and take notes.

    Blessings, Whitney

  2. okay, that was soooo cute!!!!

    My son is Jan 4, so I understand about getting the bday presents early!!

    And I so want to hire you!!!! How much do you think it would cost to send all my gifts up to MN?....oh you buy them too?!!!!!

  3. Wow - you have left me in the dust!

    All my gifts (with the exception of the gigantic Potato Head) are wrapped but no bows or cards yet.

    We are doing cards, but since my hubby is a graphic designer we're just taking some photos and then he's going to design the card and we'll have them printed at his lab. No letter from us. If we did send a letter all it would say is, "Sorry, we were too busy to call you all this year." :)

  4. "i love you too"...*sniff* have the cutest kids. and he was so cute hopping up and down. well, you may say you're not done, but by the look of those photos, you are WAY ahead of me!

    and i just gotta your wrapped up sweater better lookin' than mine?! ;o)

  5. That video!! Oh so cute! :) Roo you little hadsome guy you!

    Congratulations - you have now made the rest of us feel like slackeres. :) No really, I am very excited for you. Those cards look fabulous! We usually send out about 95. I have considered making them, but I don't want to make some thing I love into some thing that I never want to do again in my life. :)

    We have been taking our picture and designing our cards digitally each year. We haven't started yet... I really need to get moving. :)

  6. You are an absolute Christmas ROCK STAR. Putting us all to shame.

    That video is SOOOOO cute. What a little cutie, I can't even stand it!

  7. I am amazed at your gift wrapping amazingness, Girl. BUT--that kid is the CUTEST thing. How do you keep from grabbing and smooching him all the time?! Makes my heart hurt with motherly gooshies.

  8. That is hilarious, "so I don't forget what I look like." Fantastic!
    BTW how organized are you!


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