Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What happen to service? for the Customer?

I have to admit you all made my day for saying such nice things on the British me post. It seems that I, to, have fan club. How cool is that!
I have been stressed out lately. We are back to square one with Stacey and the baby. Her blood work is normal and they won't or can't do a scan until December 9. I am ready to strangle the doctor(s). Then I went shopping last night for more stuff to do to keep myself busy. Busy craft stuff.
I am ready to strangle the two women at Archivers and the entire staff at Joann's.
I was this close to jumping off the christian cruise and taking a giant leap into reality of a (sinful world) said in echo.
Lets start at Archivers. They advertise these cute handmade ornaments made of these acrylic shapes. They are on their website and on the trees in the stores. Except, they are sold out, completely.
I stood at the desk for about 3 minutes before either one of the ladies asked if I needed some help. I asked if they had more of these and showed them what I was talking about.
A quick, "No." I pretty sure she didn't even look up at me.
I was still standing there, they were busy doing I have no idea but my temp was a rising.
"Excuse me, do you know when you will get some more in?"
Again still standing there.
"you have no idea...."
I got a TSKUH! You know the sigh someone gives you when you have plainly not gotten the hint the first few times that one is not to be bothered.
I was livid.
"We don't know if we will get more in and NO we don't know when it would be."
"So you don't have like scheduled delivery days. And your website is promoting something that you are no longer carrying and you even are promoting them in store and yet can not offer them to customers. Hum, that doesn't seem right."
"We had some for the longest time and then they just disappeared."
"Could I buy some off the tree?"
"No. We don't DO that."
Did I mention how livid I was? So I did what I hope you all would have been to big and christian to do I said "Well, ain't that shitty!" and stormed out. I was then convicted by the spirit about my terrible display of anger. To which I shushed and felt wholly righteous in that they were the evil ones and I was simply trying to purchase things to make nice little Christmas gifts and HELLO it was Sh****.
Off to Joann's I went thinking of all the wonderful fabric and deals I would get to make some blankets.
I am not a sewer. I love to sew very simple things like blankets and pillowcases. But have you noticed that fabric isn't cheaper then buying the stuff already made!?!?! But I was needing busy work see and a blanket takes me two days. If I made three well that would hold me over through the weekend.
After an hour of indecision, I found the 6 different fabrics. Loved them, I was imagining the loving way I would pin the fabrics together and slowly sew them together and my borrowed ancient sewing machine. I love making blankets for people. It's like wrapping them up in a hug. That I MADE.
I was informed that for the batting, (the filler between the two fabrics) I needed to go to the batting station. I told the woman I was making 3 blankets and I would need 1 & 1/2 yards for each.
She said "So 4 & 1/2 yards then?"
I thought carefully, not wanting to screw it up and math is not a strong suit for me. (Rachel I could have used you here.)
"Yes, but I don't want a 4 &1/2 yards I want three 1 &1/2 yards."
"We can't special cut them."
I'm thinking what is special about wanting three 1&1/2 yards of batting? You cut one, then you cut another and then you cut the last one.
I am also thinking how am I going to CUT this myself, at home where there isn't room to lay this out and cut it like I need it.
She is already cutting the batting in one BIG piece.
I say "So you are going to cut this in 3 pieces for me then?"
"I told you we can't cut it special."
We stare each other down.
I say to her again that I need THREE pieces at 1 & 1/2 yards.
She pushes the 4 &1/2 yards at me.
I push it back and say "Then I don't want it."
She gives me the TSKUH!
"I'm not buying something I didn't ask for and it would take you one minute to cut it as I asked. So no thanks I don't need it."
I marched back to the fabric and with a heavy and sad heart put all of them back. There would be NO blankets. (sorry Linda)
My insides were SCREAMING.
What in God's name was WRONG with people. Have they not heard of customer service. Are they so over-worked and under-paid that they feel like rude is the best they are being asked to give? AM I not reflecting God's character? (Ok, not in that moment at Archivers, BUT...up until them I was polite.) I DO know that the world is fallen, but man oh man...
We all loose it. It happens. I feel bad. But I am still disappointed in these people that I encountered last night. I wonder what British me would have done? She probably would have ranted and raved, which nobody would be able to understand... I am grateful that I did NOT jump off the Christian Cruise, I just hung my toe off it.
(I call it a cruise because sometimes the waters are rough and sometimes it's smooth sailing, but you are surrounded by sharks and water which you have NO control over. And if your in that water too long it will over take you, you will drown and death is what comes of it.)
Got any ideas what I can do to keep my mind and fingers busy, and DON'T you DARE suggest housework! BLAH!
My Christmas cards are done, presents wrapped, I can't put up the tree although THAT would keep me busy and happy! I guess I could make some cookies or go Grocery shopping, another blah!
Who wants to play a board game? Anyone? Life? Monopoly? I hate scrabble, I can't spell. Cribbage, I can play cribbage if you don't mind me counting on my fingers.
I just got done reading Sarah's post over at Life in the Parsonage.
This woman is too funny for words. So funny in fact that she gave me something to do. I made her an award for her post today. It's about Dirty Dancing and Pie! (AND it's G rated!)

I love you Sarah!


  1. I ♥ heart cribbage!

    Um, so curiosity has gotten me here,
    What would she have cut if you only wanted 1 1/2 yards of batting for you know, one blanket instead of three?

    I wanted a jalapeno cheddar melt from Wendy's once. So I ordered, and then asked for only one patty not two. They told me they couldn't do that. I was like, "Um, yeah, it's easy, just don't put the second patty on." I even offered to pay the same price.
    Nope no way, they couldn't do it.
    So I snapped and said, "unless the burger comes already like that, it's quite possible to do. And if the burger comes premade already, I don't want it anyway." And I drove away.

  2. I'm speechless :)...I should go buy a pretty dress for the red carpet though...

    Thanks so much for making me feel all special!

    And did you say your Christmas cards ARE DONE and presents are bought and WRAPPED!?!...I am feeling like a bit of an underacheiver now.

    PS - I think people are rude because they can't get fired anymore...with so many dumb discrimination thingys employers have to put up with TERRIBLE employees.

  3. You poor thing. We all dip our toes off the edge occasionally. :)

  4. really? Your Christmas cards are DONE and your presents are WRAPPED?!! Which means they are BOUGHT?!!! I haven't even started on ANY of those!!!!

  5. I'm right behind you on the soapbox. Seriously people! Customer SERVICE. Intentionally rotten service is second only to non-English customer service. You know when you're all HUH??? the whole time the rep is explaining the answer to your problem but you still don't get it because you can't understand what they're saying? Mmm-hmmm.

    I got your message, but all #$%& has broken loose again (gee, no kidding since I had to rant about customer service just to let some steam out, huh?), so... yeah. Thanks for your love, it is Much appreciated.

    Blessings, Whitney

  6. Congrats on the award!!!! :) And, I'm completely there with you and customer service .... UGH!

  7. It amazes me that in this economy companies are still lacking customer service. Ugh!

  8. Hmmm, what a day you had! I had a worker this Monday, my birthday, basically push me out of a little specialty shop exactly at closing time. Lights were going off before 5 pm. As we, hubby & I, are out the door...hubby says, (thinking of her rudeness) it's her birthday. I looked up at the lady and she scowled a "happy birthday" and she shut the door!
    My oh's hard not letting people like that pull you down.

    ...I say, put your tree up, why not! : )

  9. oh my word sara....okay, first off...i did one of those out loud big belly laughs at your cussin'. hmm, not like any of that have done something so "terrible"! you're a hoot.

    what in the world are you sorry at for me? or is there another linda in your life. cuz if there is...i'm gonna have to fight for the # spot! have got to be kidding me. you are DONE? done buying presents, done wrapping presents, done with christmas cards? now you are one efficient woman. i'm impressed. and for ideas on what to do now? BAKE sista. bake and eat...have a blast...and send your favorite linda some goodies too! ;o)

  10. btw...i made an award today too! watch for it tomorrow!

  11. Oh my word. I am appalled...I absolutely cannot believe you had two horrible customer service experiences in the same day. I think Sarah is right...nobody can be fired anymore because of frivolous lawsuits, so nobody wants to do their job and go the extra mile. Man!

  12. First,I have ranted for years that customer service is no longer. Gone is the day that the customer is always right or the most important thing in your store!

    Secoond, I love the "Christian Cruise"!! I might have to steal that from you!!

    Third, I guessed I would of jumped ship at the fabric shop. Yep, I would of said, "Ok I only need to make one blanet". After she would of cut my 1 & 1/2, I would of said, "Opps, I made a mistake, I need another 1 1/2", and when she was done with that one, I would of said "silly me, what was I thinking could you cut one more I forgot I was making three blankets"!!


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