Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why I love the Parade.

One of the highlights for me on thanksgiving is watching the Macy's Parade. The BEST part, the beginning when all the Broadway musicals perform. It's usually the first look I get of what I need to save my money to see when the show comes here in two years. It takes two years for a Broadway show to come to Minnesota. There have been times that I just couldn't make it work, like the Lion King. And Wicked. The Color Purple is coming in the spring, I'm hoping for a birthday treat of tickets. I DID get to see this ONE. Hubby even went and HE liked it. I totally fell in love with the lead, as I normally do. I get sucked into the story and love a man who can sing. (I am usually very far from the stage and can't see faces, so it's so easy to fall in love! Because they all seem to look like my Rob!)

After the show we went to a concert the cast put on and I got to meet some of the cast.

This is Chris Jones. He played Frankie Valli. He sang a Styx song at the concert, which was totally different then his Jersey Boy stuff. He rocked! I was so shy and embarrassed to go up to him that Rob did it for me saying "My wife would like a picture..." DO you see how red my face is! How embarrassing...

But now I got pictures to prove it right? This is Eric Bates he played Tommy Devito. If I were still working these would be up on my board! In the office I worked at we had a kind of competition, who could meet and/or get the most autographs. Mostly we went after soap opera stars. It was a blast. I met several, got lots of autographs, but my favorite "meeting" was shaking John McCain's hand! And meeting the touring cast of Jersey Boys.

Who would you love to meet?


  1. I Love the parade too!!! My kids used to sit through it with me but the boys now bow out!! :(

    I so enjoy musicals and you have got to try to get to Wicked...my FAV!!!

  2. WOW!!! You beat me to the I-Love-The-Parade-Post, but with good reason; you got to meet people, and see things! I just sit in front of the television with too much chex mix.

    But today's a new day right? Alright, time for new dreams. Someday, mark my words Miss Thing, Someday I'll go to New York to see it. Are you in? We'll take in a show afterward and go ice skating in Rockefeller Center!

    Blessings, Whitney

  3. I enjoy watching the parade too...and my kids are still young enough to enjoy it too!

  4. you!

    so when's your bday?

    and just to letcha know...whenever i get excited thinking about sacking out in front of the tv thursday morning for the parade, i think of you! enjoy.

  5. What fun!

    Who would I want to meet?
    Sara Groves
    Beth Moore

    I think that's it. My short-list of favorites.

  6. oh yes, we watch t every year!! And it looks like you had a great time!! ;) LA

  7. We watched the parade and loved all the musical numbers as well! Love your pics!

    The new Christmas decorating look great!



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