Sunday, December 28, 2008

Butterness. Bitterness. Blessed.

We took Butter to MOA for her birthday. (Mall Of America) The new American Girl doll store opened there in November, which is when I called to reserve us a table to eat there for lunch, for her birthday. The hoops I went through to schedule and get her a baby doll... I am grateful I only have one girl. (I never thought I say that!!!!!)
So come Christmas day she was so excited over her new baby Whom she named Claire. So I thought. Later that day we were at Nana & Papa's and I caught her telling Stacey that we were going to the AG store and she was going to get the doll she really wanted. (EXCUSE ME!) That began a long and painful on my part, next day. As we got to the store Butter was quiet, not like her chatty self. She didn't even seam excited. We got there and there was a party in front of us. 11 girls, all with big girl dolls and matching outfits to those big girl dolls! I could see her mind thinking that's what I want.
As we sat for lunch she didn't eat a thing and just kept looking around at all the big girl dolls. (ok, to me the big girl dolls are the ones with hair, the ones you need to take care of. NOT play with. The baby dolls are the ones you play with.) Again I could see her mind, That's what I want.
I finally threatened her that if she didn't eat 3 pieces of pizza (they were small and a total of 9 in all) we would leave the store and she would not get to spend her AG cash. She ate very slowly.
She perked up after we began choosing outfits for her baby. Then she grabbed this package of socks for baby. 3 pair for $14. 3 inch socks?! For $14. I told Butter that all the outfits come with shoes and she doesn't really need socks, that it would be too hard to get the shoes on with socks on the dolls foot. She began sulking again. I'm SORRY, there is NO WAY I am paying $14 for 3 pairs of doll socks that will in 2 days time be lost. NO!!! So Nana did. They ended being on sale for $8. Still way too much! Then we met back up with the boys. Nobody but me and the kids wanted to stay and do rides. So, I made Daddy be the "bad guy" and say no. We came home for cake and presents. When Rob asked Butter if she had fun she wouldn't answer him. Finally, she told him that her doll wasn't the one she which he asked "I thought you DID want that baby? Well, which one DID you want?" It was one in a display case she saw, a big girl doll. I had just about had it, when she announced after opening the rest of her gifts from Rob and I " Well, I'm going to return this stuff and get that doll I want instead!" EXCUSE ME!?!? (Again)
Her gifts were: Swimming Ariel doll (from Roo) My Little pony play set with 3 more Pony sets to go with it, Camp Rock sheets, High School Musical chair and a 4 piece Barbie furniture play set. That is when I lost IT! I said to her. "Well, you go right ahead and take the stuff back, you still wouldn't have enough for that doll! I could buy you 20 Barbies for what that doll costs Butter. AND you have NO idea what we spent on the baby and stuff you got today, INCLUDING lunch! THAT YOU DIDN'T EAT. I rattled off the prices and gave her comparisons like eat at McDonald's 10 times for what I spent on lunch..."
You get the idea. Mother and Mom sat there with these sympathetic looks on their faces and the men, well, nothing.
I think she GOT IT. because then she became overly excited about her baby and Barbie stuff, begging for it to be opened. I was SO ready to take it all back.
Normally, she is a sweet and considerate child...but American Girl makes her GREEDY. That catalog comes and it's I want I want I want. Add the store and the spoiled girls and I can't compete. This Mama struggles with wanting to be able to give her things I didn't have and yet teaching the lessons of money and saving and being grateful for the things you do have.
It slays me.
As I write this she is in her room playing with her new toys...she sounds happy. Sometimes it just takes a while for things to sink in. I think today she relizes how lucky she is. She even brought Claire to the mall while we returned/exchanged some clothes that weren't the right sizes. She was patient and kind. Then as we were walking to the car she said "I think I'll leave Claire home next time, I don't like carrying her." (There's a lesson learned.) Here are the photos:

My Mom made Butter a doll cake. She turned out really cute.

And that ends our 3 day blogfest to Butter! Next up Bedhead Carnival and I See What You're Saying.
Then it's Roo's turn in the spotlight!!!


  1. She sure looks like a happy little Butter! :)

  2. ugggg i can sure hear ya on this one. i am so proud of my grateful boys but it is still such a struggle sometimes to get the perfect toy and that "be enough". kids are kids. and umm, sometimes i know i've acted that an adult. don't tell anyone that i admit that though, 'specially my hubster!

    can't wait to see your bedhead tomorrow. i thought about it, but never seem to have one worthy of a photo!

  3. oh's so hard when our kids act like, well, kids. Sometimes, we want them to understand things that are far too big for their little minds. Butter is a normal, wonderful little girl who saw something she wanted and couldn't's called our nature and the sad thing is it comes out in me more than I would like to admit. And I don't have the excuse of being 6.

    As I read your blog, I had to laugh, because those words (about how much everything cost) have come out of my mouth more times than I probably realize. it's not easy being a parent!!

    keep doing what you are doing....being a wonderful mom and teaching her of the love of Christ...she will me!!

  4. Okay, so I am going to show my ignorance big time....what is "American Doll"? Have I lived a deprived life?

    The doll cake was beautiful!!

  5. ~sigh~ It is such a hard struggle between wanting our kids to have all their hearts desire and wanting them to be grateful, kind, considerate, non spoiled children. I know what is more important for them to have, but my mother's heart sometimes wants to spoil them!

    I see the greedy side of my son too and it irritates me to no end. I am determined that one of these Christmases when my children are all old enough to "get it" we aren't going to do gifts for each other and instead give a needy family a Christmas to remember.

    Thank goodness none of my daughters friends have AG dolls and the closest AG store is like 5 hours away, so that particular "want" I haven't had to deal with. Barbie is a different story however :)

  6. I've so far managed to keep the secret of The American Doll from my daughter. We did get a catalog in the mail once, but I quickly hid it in the bottom of the trash. I'm a bad mommy, but there's no sense drooling. Even I got caught up in it when I browsed through the catalog.

    That cake is AMAZING!

  7. Awwww...ungrateful hearts...they tend to break other hearts don't they. But I o agree with Sara...she's a typical little girl...actually a typical human. Thankfully she has a loving mommy who will help to mold her during these selfish years.

    There is no way we could afford AG dolls, baby or my almost five year old got a "big girl doll" from Madame Alexander. They cost about $25 and are the size of AG dolls. Very cute. Like Butter, Pumpkindoodle doesn't care much for baby dolls and instead likes dolls that look like little girls. I was the opposite as a child.

  8. It is a difficult thing..what a beautiful cake!!! and I am glad my dd is too old for AG


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