Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Butter-full Day!

On December 27, 2002 you were born! Nina Elizabeth 8lbs 10oz & 22" long.
You were our angel baby. Our chubby-cheeked dolly. With the bright brown eyes.
So happy and cheerful. But sadly bald.
Oh, how I love my Butter girl.
Sweet and charming.
Growing up, so fast...
Bring on the sass.
We so cherish you!
These are the pictures that have hung on our wall, documenting her years. I wanted to share some of my favorite other pictures. One's that give you a glimpse of knowning her. She's a Daddy's girl. They have this connection, I can't descibe or compete with it, so I just watch as it grows.
She has a little blanket called a "lovie" and she sucks her thumb. She started this at 3 months old.
I call her my little bunny when she smiles like this, she looks has little bunny teeth.

She is a TOTAL girly-girl. Who loves make-up, dresses and dancing.This is one of my favorites. Look at that face! You can totally see that she takes after me, full of sass!
She is a silly heart.
She takes after Daddy, and likes to play sports. Little golf-pro!
She likes to drive! Like me. And she is a very good big sister!


  1. I love the pics. Thank you for sharing your birthday girl!

  2. Oh, the one with her daddy is priceless! You've got quite a girl on your hands there, very precious.

  3. Happy Birthday Nina!!!

    Great pictures...I had thumb suckers too!!!

    What is it between a daddy and his girl....priceless!

  4. I loved the story of her birth and the pictures are great. She is soooo cute!

  5. Kill me now she's fantastic. And SO your Mini Me; spitting image of her pretty Mama!

    Happy Birthday Butter!

    Blessings, Carolynn

  6. Happy Birthday beautiful girl!!

    PS - she looks just like you :)

  7. what a special post for her to see someday and sigh remembering how much she loves her mom and dad!

  8. Happy Birthday Nina!! You are a very pretty little girl.

  9. What a lovely post for you lil' Butter! Beautiful girl!

  10. How sweet! Isn't it just amazing how fast they grow?! Wow! She's beautiful! Happy Birthday Nina!

  11. What a sweet post. Happy belated, Nina!


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