Thursday, December 11, 2008

Going to Gertens to see Santa.

Saturday, we are going to Gertens. Our holiday stop to see this guy:
You may remember my hissy fit back in October, over our fall tradition and going to Gertens. I have gotten through that with the help of a nice man named Dale. Who I am hoping to meet "in real life" on Saturday, which will probably be the guy's only day off... But the real reason we go is to see Santa. Their Santa. He is the BEST. And their store is always so lovely. It takes me hours to look around. They also do sleigh rides with real reindeer. OF COURSE, they are REAL, the REAL SANTA is here. Sheesh! (ok, that reminder was more for me then for you.)
Butter has a few things to clear up with Santa. Last year she asked for a hamster. Santa, politely told her that he can't bring live animals in his bag. So he brought her a cute brown and white real looking hamster. That was even a finger puppet! :) This was not what the child wanted. And she was sulky on Christmas. "Santa didn't get me the hamster I wanted." There was ONE that she wanted????? Not 'a hamster' but a specific ONE! Oh, for crying out loud! So, days later, we were at the grocery store, and Butter shouts out "THIS! This is the hamster I asked Santa for!" It was one of those PINK TY beanie babies. She wanted not the dog or cat or horse but the PINK HAMSTER. So I bought it. Mostly to make up for MY, ahem, Santa's mistake. Fast forward to the other night, when I'm prepping the little angels on what they will be asking Santa for this year. Mostly so I don't have to RUSH out and try to find a newly added item to the list. (Side note: Roo was rattling off stuff in his silly voice "Me ask for a dog, and a cat and an elephant and a skunk..." WOH WOH WOH back it up there pal! A skunk. You're going to ask Santa for a skunk? yeah OK. I can't WAIT for that one!)
Butter says to me "I don't want to tell Santa anything, he'll just give me the wrong thing anyways." (THIS child can hold a grudge! and now she's really ticking me off, because for months now I've explained that SHE wasn't specific in saying a PINK hamster, and she told Santa "a hamster." How is he/she suppose to know the difference? Her reply was "He's magic right?") SO for months, I'm working her, be specific, speak up so he can hear you. Speak clearly. And don't leave until you feel like he knows what you want.
This poor guy, has no idea what is coming his way...I just hope she doesn't bring it up. STUPID PINK HAMSTER!

*Hey, Dale: If you're reading this and gee, I hope you are. Can you worn Santa for me. That Nina (in a pretty red and white dress) is coming Saturday, and if he could apologize for NOT bringing the pink hamster...then maybe she'll forgive him and LET IT GO!*

I'm thinking that I may have to rush over and worn him, because I don't know what to expect from her. She's not mean, or naughty, she's just mad for the mistake. (She does NOT take after me in the least!, I think she gets it from Rob! LOL) On that note, I am really excited to see Santa. He is the highlight of the season for ME. I love watching him work his magic. And I love looking at the ornaments I long to buy. We also have done the sleigh ride every year. I'm hoping it's not blistering cold. Here we are in 2006.

My printer/scanner/copier has run out of colored ink because it hasn't been using any of the black which means you can't scan on it with no ink which makes NO sense to me... Otherwise I would have added some more photos for you...But I wanted to get this posted in hopes that my friend Dale will see it and write to me!


  1. oh Sara, that is so funny!!! Amazing what kids will hold on to!

    Btw, my mom allowed my brother to have a pet skunk when we were young.....don't do it!!! yes, it was "deskunked" but was the worst decision she ever made!!! made for some funny stories though, like when it got loose and went into the neighbors house because they left their back door open!!!

  2. What a great picture!

    Kids...aren't they fantastic!?! :)

  3. We always do Santa's list for me to "mail" before visiting Santa :)...awesome pic and love that you have the Santa at Gertens

  4. Gertens sounds like a fun place...I'm sure I'd get lost there! I love looking at knick-knack stuff--especially holiday decor!
    Good luck with Santa! Those Santas must hear the darndest things! And I'm sure they get the "what for" many times for what they did in the past.
    btw...I really enjoyed visiting everyone's blogs on Tuesday with your extravaganza. I met some new people and saw some beautiful decorations! Thanks for being the hostess with the mostess!

  5. too funny...and a grudge against that's a bright kiddo! can't get mine to sit on the guys lap yet w/o shrieking!

    oh, my daughter's hair you commented isn't nearly that red in person. some people comment on the red they see in her hair when they see her in person but mostly it happens over photos. it's a golden brownish with red highlights. i think that as soon as a photo is taken the red just really it does in the sun? anyway...i love her hair and hope that more red ocmes out. my hair is not naturally red (ahem) but i had the same tones as she does in my hair...a lot of reddish glowy highlights. :-)

  6. I love your picture! Gertens looks like such a fun place...and yes, I know you were none to happy with them last fall, but hopefully you will have a great experience this time around.

  7. Good stuff, Sara. That Butter is a hoot...she knows what she wants! Good for her. ;-)Hopefully this year Santa heard exactly what she wants!

    And as for your ? from yesterday...yes, I really do use that timer! You so need to try it.

  8. Your kids are so cute! I think it's hilarious that Butter is keeping a grudge -- pink hamsters, lol!!!

  9. my son wants a ferret. not a stuffed ferret, a real, stinky, nasty, strange looking ferret. we don't do santa so guess who he gets to be mad at this year?! not happenin' and i've told him already. poor fella. he'll probably need therapy for it someday.

    oh and i just have to ask, do you get a chance to sit on santa's lap and ask for anything? ☺

  10. Sounds like you're going to have a blast. Can't wait to see what transpire between your daughter and Santa.


  11. Too funny! Poor Guy (Santa)! Thinks he's doing the right thing but the kids...yep! they remember!!


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