Saturday, December 13, 2008

All I want for a Good Time at Gertens

We had a lovely time at Gertens. The weather was perfect. The lines weren't too long. Oh, and the ornaments. I was too busy looking to take pictures of the decorations. Maybe next year I'll remember. I got to meet Dale. He is just know what he said when I walked up to him?
"Gee, your shorter in person." (Said in his Australian accent)
Can't say I get that a lot...I laughed. Yes, I AM vertically challenged. All 5 feet of me. (For the record I am 5'1" and 3/4)
Maybe, he meant that I am too round to be this short? No! I'm kidding. I also forgot to get a picture with Dale. Although, I have to say it might have freaked him out, because I did say "I need to give you a hug." and he said "Why?" I didn't really give him a choice, I hugged him. I'm a hugger. FYI bloggy friends if you might me in real life I will hug you.
Lets get to the pictures they tell the story best.This is Roo being Roo. Mr. Funny-face man. Doesn't want to cooperate. I gave him the "mommy" look. And this was the next picture.Now, isn't he handsome? We had to have a talk this morning. He did not want to wear his tie and vest and hat. I told him "You get to pick your clothes everyday. I get to choose them for special days. This is something that you must do." I ask little of them, I let them be kids, for the most part. So they know that when I say: You have to. They are somewhat willing to appease me.
Here is Butter giving Santa his treats and the picture of himself that she had drawn this morning before we left...
Add in Roo...Butter loves to give things to people. She is very proud of her work. She also likes being nice.Roo refused to take down his hands and the "mommy" look wasn't working with Santa around...

So that is what he gets to look like in the pictures for this year. Butter was VERY specific in what she wanted this year and Santa made the mistake of asking if she liked her gifts from last year.To which she got this look on her face. She did mind her manners and didn't say anything about the pink hamster...

Then we roped a nice woman into taking our picture.

Then it was outside for our sleigh ride.With REAL reindeer!Thank you Gertens for having the BEST Santa. And the best GUY working there to. (Dale.) Tomorrow I'll so you the treasure I picked up while Hubby and the kids waited in line!


  1. It looks like a great place to visit. You're right - they do have the best Santa! You all look great - even Roo with Santa!

  2. What a great day, and great pics, Sara. And, if I ever do get to meet you in real life, I will totally expect and look forward to getting that hug!

  3. oh, i loved that!! What great memories you are making!!! I am taking some pictures tonight and hope to have my Christmas carnival pictures up tomorrow or Monday...just a little late!

  4. Well how fun is THAT! :) I wanna go! I love the pics. Beautiful!

  5. Ok, if we Josh and I are blessed with a baby boy, he WILL wear that adorable hat that Roo is wearing. So stinking cute.
    A sleigh ride - awesome!
    What a fabulous family you have there...I'm having a blast gettin' to know you.

  6. Wow...i love your day at Gertens. looks like so much fun. you guys are such an adorable and sweet family. Bright smiles! I love that the personalities of your kids are so vivid in the photos. :-)

    yes...we are bloggy soul mates...I'm convinced also. ;-)

  7. That looks like so much fun! Your son and daughter are so cute. I love the vest and hat and your daughter's dress is adorable. I wish my girls were young enough that I could give them the Mommy look & they'd cooperate. Actually, they do pretty good. Of course, they're teens and they're scared to death I'll put a bad pic on Facebook or on my blog. hehehe

  8. Oh how they redeemed themselves at Gertens! :o) Real reindeer??

    May I say I can't wait for my IRL hug and OMG(oodness) your family is BEAUTIFUL. Really.

    The Mom "look." Ha! That's a whole blog waiting to happen, lol!

    Love You!

  9. What wonderful memories! I had never heard of Gertens until I started reading your blog--and now I'm thinking it would be worth a cross-country trip to experience it!

  10. what great memories...

    the gaylord hotel around here has a scene w/live reindeer too...i don't know what it is about having the live reindeer, but it makes it extra special!

  11. Oh, this looks so fun. You made me miss my kids when they were little. I LOVE the reindeer!

  12. That says Christmas cheer all over it!!!!
    You kiddos are adorable...I love your son'little man outfit (especially the hat!)! That Santa looks super "real". He looks very friendly! And real reindeer...what a treat!!!!

  13. Oh, the Christams memories this will make with your kids.

  14. This place looks amazing! I can't get over the reindeer! How wonderful for the kids...and you! Merry Christmas!

  15. Ok
    I couldn't help but comment again!! Since I made it on the front page! it was a great to finally meet you and your family. My Kids like yours have grown up with our reindeer and Santa. The good stuff that family memories are made of. Thanks for the Chocy pretzels (My Favorite) I have a problem with the salty sweet thing, and yes for all of you wondering the hug was fab! Anyone that brings me treats and hugs is welcome at Gertens anytime.
    until I see you next time Watch KMSP "FOX 9 Morning News" Tuesdays & Thursdays for my great gardening tips in the 8'Oclock hour.
    Merry Christmas.
    Dale K.

  16. Looks like a lot of fun! I might have to bring Anja when she gets a little older.

  17. What a fabulous field trip! I love the family photo.


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