Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nyquil, you failed me. I needed some runny nose, stuffy head achy free sleep. and you failed to provide all that you promise. I'm hitting the warm brandy next.
It is butt late. I can't sleep. It started yesterday afternoon, I felt myself slipping down the hill to sickyville. By 2:30PM it was full blown chills, clogged head pipes and not wanting to MOVE off the couch.
I had a dinner to prepare. I made the salad. Started the potatoes and made sure everything was where Hubby could find it. I made him come home early to pick up Roo at Preschool. I couldn't make it off the couch to get my son... how sad is that?
I got just enough rest to fake it through dinner.
It was Thomas' birthday and I wasn't cancelling. Dinner was eaten by ALL I repeat ALL children. Plates clean. Unbelievable.
Then we waited for this:

Every year the fire department comes around to collect food for the food shelf. The kids get so excited, well, Roo hid in the garage until it was over and then watched this video 5 times until we cut him off. He said it was too loud. We came in and had dessert. Apple Crisp made by the apple orchard. It looked tasty. All I wanted to do was take my NyQuil and go to bed.

And yet here I am:

Yep, that's me, nose stripped out, snot rag over the shoulder, grabbed the wrong darn robe stumbling around at 1AM ME. I figure I better post about the dinner...I forgot my fuzzy socks so I have these on instead...

Dinner went well. The cat was let out of the bag a few days ago, so Sherri knew. Mother said she had no reaction, which for Sherri that means we're in the eye people. Thomas told me she made an off-handed "joke" the other day saying "So what Rob and Sara are your new best friends?" I also found out she wanted Thomas to go to a family event on my Biodad's side with her, to which he politely declined. I don't GET it. She won't allow him to included in ANYTHING that she has not given permission for...

It was good seening the kiddos. They are well mannered kids around their dad. Well, Preston was a bit loud, but when your used to screaming all the time to get your way... What was sad was the strain I saw between Tee and Mother. Mother was been living and mostly parenting the 3 kiddos for the last few months, while Sherri basically says nothing and sits downstairs until her place is ready to move into. Mother likes structure, Sherri has none, poor Tee is caught in the middle.

We are looking ahead to Christmas...

I need to go to sleep, I'm hoping benedryl will be nicer to me then Nyquil was!


  1. Oh, I do hope that you are feeling better soon. :( It's so hard when you just need to shut yourself in your room and sleep for a few days and - well, you can't. :) Nyquill usually comes throuh for me pretty well. Warm brandy may work. :)

    I love that you made the fire men caramel corn and then told them to share it. That was awesome.

    It is obvious you really love your family. Just keep loving them. God will use that incredibly.

  2. oh, you poor thing!! When I saw what time you had posted "5 hours ago", I thought "what in the world is she doing up at that time?! Now, I know!! Praying you'll get well soon and not spread it around!!

    Love that your fire dept does that!! That is very fun! My youngest hated loud noises too. He would have hid in the garage!

    So glad the dinner went well. Keep praying and loving. Wendi is right, God will use that in a mighty way!

    Feel better!

  3. Gee, I hope you feel better soon. My hubby lives by the brandy for colds rule. Me, I usually suffer through it.
    The firetruck with Santa is a cool idea for increasing the supply to the food bank. I live so far off the road, we miss the firetruck Santa drive by every year. Unless, they time it right and we see him on our way out of church. Hmm.
    I am sorry to hear about the strain in your family. It can be so hard when 2 families combine to live in one space. We did that several years ago, and are just now getting out the kinks. I hope it works out for everyone.
    Cindy P :)

  4. I love how you hand out the popcorn and tell them to share! You are so funny! I hope you get better soon!

  5. Yes, you must get better soon! By Saturday, for sure!

  6. that fire truck idea is awesome. what a great idea!! and with roo hiding, that sounds so familiar.

    btw...remember my sleeping probs? my hubby wears those strips now, but you look much cuter in them.

    glad dinner was nice and not a lot of drama surrounded it w/ your sis. those kids sound like they do need some extra lovin'. so i'm glad they have an aunt like you!

    hope you feel better VERY SOON! and to quote my word vertification today on here "scrum". no fun being sick!

  7. Oh, boy! When I first turned that video on, I thought there had been a fire!!! Glad to know it wasn't! Hope you feel better!!!

  8. Hey, Girlie - you poor thing!! My heart goes out to you! I just popped in for a quick visit and found you feeling all sicky-poo! Gosh, you sure have had a bout of feeling icky, huh?

    I highly recommend Zicam when a cold first hits you ... it's like a miracle!!

    Take care ... get some rest (as much as a mom can!) ... and drink some green tea with raw honey in it, too.


  9. Awww man being sick is such a pain in the butt...hope you're feeling better soon!

  10. Hope you feel better soon! Do those nose strips work?

  11. I hopped on over from "Growin' With It"! What a fun blog! I wore those nose strips when I was preggo...my hubby had a hard time sleeping with me then, they didn't help!
    Hope you feel better soon. Nyquil does the opposite for me...completely keeps me awake. Very frustrating! Feel better!

  12. Sara, I'm so sorry that you are feeling bad and that there is stress in the family.

    We totally get that latter thing.

    I just wanted to pop on over here and tell you that you are so sweet for sending that blankie to Linda! What a good bloggy friend!


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