Monday, December 1, 2008

Dare To Wear

I was not doing a dress. So I got one of these trendy sweaters. Normally I don't like trendy stuff, I can't afford that life of changing the wardrobe every season. Hubby was with me and told me to try it on. Umm, ok sure. It felt ok, then I came out and he liked it. I feel like a bat in it! Like I have wings. LIFT OFF! I do like how it's off my neck though, that feels pretty.
I also bought a tighter fitting jeans with tapered legs so I could wear my knee high boots. They are SO not me. I like my Uggs. My knee highs pinch, I found them on clearance for $9. I could not pass them up and they are leather so I figured they'd stretch. Well, the first time I wore them, the bottoms of my feet hurt, there was NO padding in them. I bought gel insoles. AH, that's wait, now the tops of my feet are pinched. I can't wear hose in them,way too tight and if I don't I get blisters!

AHHH! I hate my sexy boots. I hate high heeled shoes. My feet just hurt...

This blister I got just before Thanksgiving for wearing the boots. I was NOT stuffing my poor foot back in them 4 days later. Oh well, so I wore pumpkin socks and isotoner ballet slippers all day, at least my feet were comfy!

I also used big hot rollers for my hair. They give me huge volume. I don't like "big hair" Hubby does. So I'm daring in the big hair department too!Another dare to wear I put Butter in a CREAM sweater. She looked adorable! I had the "You are wearing white and need to be aware of what you are doing so you don't ruin it, speech. She was so careful and mindful. I was SO proud. Roo was in jeans. he has a hard time when it's time for potty, when he is in jeans. He also did FANTASTIC. I dared to let Roo take our picture. He refused to have one taken of him until he got to take one first. I was gritting my teeth the whole time. Check it out.

Now I'm daring to be taller then my man by standing on a rickety plant stand. If only I could somehow put the hot rollers on my knees and get volume there!!!!Photo taken by Butter, do you see Roo between our legs? And WHAT is Hubby's hand doing on my butt?! Apparently he likes the jeans too! I'm holding unto him for dear life! What was I thinking?

I have to say a BIG thank you to Mama Belle, for pushing this here girl to DARE and WEAR something FABULOUS! I felt pretty and comfortable and well, shh, a little sexy! hee hee.

Now for the winner of this:

Joanne @ Blessed!


Email me with your address so I can get it in the mail.

Now go see who else is daring!


  1. You were very daring! Wish we could have seen the boots, I bet they looked super sexy! Way to go, and you looked great!

  2. Bat sweater looks amazing on you!! Love it! You need to link up at Mama Belles!

  3. You look terrific! LOVE your hair. :o)

    Blessings, Whitney

  4. Hi there...I'm popping over from Mama Belle's to say you look fantastic! I love the sweater! Too bad about the boots...oh, the pain we subject ourselves to in order to look good. :)

  5. I LOVE the sweater!!! It looks great on you and the hair nice too. I want to see the boots've gotta post another picture of the boots. I really, really love high boots, but my calves are so sturdy (fat) that my high boots have this strip of elastic that goes all the way down the side...very stylish and stretchable. :)

    Thanks for visiting the domestic fringe. Hope you come back soon!

  6. You look gorgeous, girl!

    Love the sweater. I am also agreeing with the others about the boots.

    Thanks for participating.

  7. Well, you looked so cute! And letting Butter wear the cream sweater was DARING!

    HEY! Thanks for the button!

  8. Fabulous!

    And for the record...those are "straight leg" jeans not the evil tapered kind, and I think you're rockin' em my friend ;)

  9. you sexy mama you! i think you look hot and so a hubby hand on your behind seemed very appropriate!

    butter is so beautiful. just like her mama. gorgeous pix sara. i can't believe this isn't what you look like every day. i imagined you did. just cuz you are so cool!!!

    roo, you are just too adorable little fella. and your eye for photography is simply inspiring!

    okay and just one more thing. did you know i have a very strong disliking for f.e.e.t.? i flew over that shot of your foot in a hurry and although i feel bad for you, please no more feet poses. at least warn me! ;o) okay, i'm exaggerating. it's not that bad. but if you touched me with your big toe in real life i just might have a sissy fit! all the love girl, all the love!

  10. You look so cute! As does Roo and Butter. I bought Piper a white shirt for school - I don't know what I was thinking! It's lasted so far though!

  11. I like your outfit. Very cute. Your kids are adorable!! And I love the song that was playing by Josh Groban.

  12. Hi. Visiting from Mama Belle's.

    I happen to LOVE your "bat" sweater. And I don't even think you look like a bat.

    And I agree with Sarah - those are straight leg jeans...not tapered.

    You look fab in them!!!

  13. I like the sweater. And your kids are adorable. Your daughter reminds me of my oldest. I 'm not drinking coffee because the caffeine make my anxiety attacks a lot worse. I'm hoping to wean myself back on to it. I really miss it.

  14. I'm digging the hair and the sweater! LOVE them both! :)

  15. I LIKE your trendy sweater. You look great!

  16. Love the sweater and you don't look like a bat and I also LOVE your hair, very cute!!!

  17. Well, I think you are just too cute in the Batty sweater- I like it! and I just ordered my first pair of UGGS!

  18. YOU LOOK GREAT!!! really, I mean that, you do! I love the sweater and jeans and hair...and I love that you're comfortable enough with yourself to say "I'm NOT wearing shoes that hurt my feet!!!" :)

    So much fun. Love this post.

    You're right, I won't be there on Saturday...I'll be with the Ash Man. But if you could pretend that I'm there somehow, I'd really appreciate that. You turn and talk to me, invisible me...and pretend that I said something REALLY funny back. Thanks, I appreciate it :)

  19. Bat sweater - LOL! You look very trendy. And I agree with the others - boots would be so cute.


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