Sunday, January 18, 2009

Can't seem to get it right!

I am having a heckva time finding a blog template that I enjoy looking at for more than a day.
I'll fall in love with one, then I realize something is missing, like the date at the top of the post. (On the cute valentine-y one I had) I want something "happy" to drive away the winter drear. But then I worry that the text colors are readable and "matchy".
Yes, I do realize I am WAY over thinking this.
But see for the amount of time and energy I put into this, it has to meet MY strict standards.
Lou lou blogs are SO cute...but the MESS up my template so bad, that every time I change it I have to redo the WHOLE thing. It's painful.

"So, Sara just find one already and stop!" you say.

SHAY, if only!

Love, browns, but it's winter, I can't look at a dark color. Love pink, but after awhile it's like someone through up girl;
I ask that you bare with me while I find myself...or the template I can stand. I totally love the one's you can have made, that look like a scrap book page...but I like to change so often it wouldn't be worth paying for one if I'm just going to change it in a few months.

I am so disappointed this weekend, Rob and I had a date day right?

We did not sleep well Friday night because our house guest Reggie was missing his family. DEEPLY. I read until about 10:30PM, as soon as I turned out my light the pacing started. He is not a quiet pacer, he is a hopper. He has to, he only has 3 legs. Then he started whining and barking. Finally at 1:15AM he laid down. At 1:30AM Hubby's alarm went off to wake him for the paper route. Reggie began barking while Rob was getting ready to leave. I told Rob he had to take the dog with him, or he would bark the 2 hours until Rob came back. It took him another round of pacing and whining and barking to get him to lay down. It was now 6:30AM. The kiddos are up at 7AM. I was tempted to call off the date, because I was afraid of what Reggie might do if he were left alone. I was sure he wouldn't destroy anything, but lonely dogs do find trouble. I called Pollie to tell her of our night. I was reminded of what she had told me.
"Sara, I'd rather you be my friend then my dogsitter."
I felt terrible, but we could not make it through 3 more nights of not sleeping.
Pollie made arrangements for Reggie to go to a kennel. He actually seemed happy to be there. Which I thought was weird, but I knew that he would be well taken care of and we all would be able to sleep.

So we were tired. I'm not sure our plan was a good one, seeing as we were sleepy and all, but we
decided to go see the movie Australia. The 3 hour megathon movie. It was only playing a a very select few theaters in the area. We couldn't find the darn theater. No, we don't have GPS, so spare me the "Oh, you have to get GPS." I'm crabby and don't want to hear how it is a must have.

We missed the movie, now I have to wait for DVD. ARGH! So we had lunch out instead of dinner. Which through the whole rest of the day off. Because see we were going to go home and spend alone time. The kids were suppose to be gone until after dinner. (Which in my head is 6-6:30PM)

We got home and they were already home. Then our babysitters feigned they had other things to do and had to "go". Leaving us with the kids at 2PM. Don't even TRY to calm me from that one! I am still very ticked off.

Okay, now to the unfinished business.

Some of you gals asked what the kings cake tasted like. I made ya a little video.

Rachel did tell me once what the colors meant, but I can't remember. Hey, you try remembering something someone says right before they tell you the are sending you cake. All I heard was


Beside getting a cake to start the weekend, it ended well too.

I scored this outfit for a mere $28. Which I only paid $19 of it because of merchandise credit I already had. Shirt $4 Zipup hoodie $7.50 Grey stretch cords $16.50. I almost bought this dressy coat that was originally priced $228, I would have paid $43. It was really cute, but I couldn't think of more then maybe 4 times that I'd wear it. It was light weight, and dressy. I don't get a lot of oppertunities to get fancy. If I dream abot the jacket or can't stop thinking about it tomorrow I'll go back and get it. But for now I can't believe I got an entire outfit for under $30 bucks.


  1. I like the video - it's nice "seeing" and hearing you! The outfit and cute and what a deal!

  2. Loved the video. Now I want to try some cake.
    About changing your blog - I changed mine 3 times yesterday and still not real thrilled onthe one I got. Have you tried Cutest Blog on the Block. Lots of choices.
    Like 100's. Have a good week!

  3. Sara....your video was awesome. Seriously, you crack me up. I wish we were IRL friends...hopefully someday. :-)
    Super cute outfit - I love a good deal.
    No advice on the blog template...I've had mine the same since I started. I guess I'm just that boring. Oh well.
    Sorry your date didn't go as planned. That is SO frustrating. Hopefully soon you'll be able to make up for it!

  4. you are sooo mean making us watch you eat that cake..a few good "words" of explaination would have been fine, but noooooo you decide to torture us with a video!!! :)

    Sorry the date did go as planned....keep tryiing. Satan would love to derail you guys in this area, so keep trying!!

  5. I am the same way with my template, I always want to change it. Sorry I haven't been around lately, now I am all caught up. The "chexism" post made me smile. There is a book called "The Act of Marriage", don't remember the author's name, but it is a Christian based book on sex in marriage. Excellent book, and would really help with your outlook on "chex", lol!

  6. 1. Sorry about the dog and the date night and the babysitters. Yuck.

    2. You are a girl after my own heart scoring bargains like that!

    3. SO glad you are liking the cake. Don't get too excited about the baby representing Jesus. Mardi Gras is just about the most pagan holiday there is (even though it has roots in Catholicism). The jist of it is to go out and sin to your hearts content (the day of Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday in English) and then starting on Ash Wednesday Lent begins and it's supposed to be a time of repentance and self-sacrifice until Easter. I personally just don't agree with the whole "rampant sinning" before the repentance period. And because we're such heathens down here, the entire city of New Orleans has turned it into a 3 week celebration instead of one night. Ridiculous. My husband went down with Vieux Carre Baptist Church in 2007 to do street ministry on Mardi Gras day and he was blown away. There were women walking around topless with nothing but paint on their chests (as in their shirts were painted on). He has since decided that Mardi Gras street ministry isn't really up his alley, thank goodness! I say wait for them to sober up then share Jesus with them, but that's just me.

    Here's the link for the story behind the colors and the baby:
    but like I said, don't get too excited. This is a heathen holiday if there ever was one.

    BUT we do get some good cakes out of it. :)

  7. Love the template and the video--cute outfit

  8. Ohhh! We both did videos today - fun! :) You are so cute. Such a "I'm gonna tell you it straight" kinda gal!
    I am So distractable!Even after I put it in my comment last night that I was going to click the follow button, Some thing grabbed my attention and I forgot. :) I know I have ADD.
    Now I'll do it for sure! Unless I don't.
    About the blog design. I totally get it! Before Lena did my design I was obsessed with finding just the right one.
    On my blog I have a button for Simply Fabulous designs and they have some fun free down loads too.

  9. YAY! I did it. :)
    I also wanted to tell you that I love the out fit and I get such a high off good deals like that. :)

  10. I heard "Australia" was a really bad movie, so maybe it was a blessing in disguise.

    Anyway, I am definitely going to do a King Cake Giveaway at my blog ... but you can only enter if you've never had king cake and you are a northerner.

    The hard part will be actually going to the bakery and not getting one for myself.

  11. hmm, i know nothing about changing blog styles over and over again. bwhahah!

    what a bummer date. plan another one now!

    and how did i miss that the dog only had 3 legs? gotta look at that photo again!


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