Saturday, January 17, 2009

King's Cake

Rachel @ Musings of a future pastor's wife blogged about King's cake and Mardi Gra. I've heard of Mardi Gra, but never king's cake. I love food and especially if it has CAKE in the title. I asked her about it and she said she'd send me one. Umm, Can I just say that is the SWEETEST thing ever!
Today I got my king's cake. It looked like it had been dropped and kicked a few times...but since it's been in the air and frozen the entire time it left Nola, I wasn't too worried. And seriously, it's not really the sight of the cake that is enticing to me. It's the taste.
The Mailperson dropped it off at JUST the right time 3PM. Snack time!
So we dove in...gently.

She warned me about the cream cheese filling...Sorry about the flash not working on this one, but I wasn't going to let Hubby keep taking pictures of me stuffing my face!

This cake was SO good. It was still cold from it's journey, so after I get this typed I'm going to go have some more. A Bigger piece, would you believe it if I told you I was trying not to ruin my dinner. YEAH RIGHT! Not after my last 365 post!

Rachel, Thank YOU. This was so good! I love that you hand wrote a note for me. And NO, you did NOT have to send the large, this one is JUST fine. I need to look sexy for all my dates. I can't be whining about eating too much cake!

(*note* please ignore the PILE of dishes behind me, that is just mortifying. Our dish washer broke just before Christmas, we needed a part, waited for part, part doesn't work...and I don't do dishes. I have pitched in now since the washer broke, but I was more interested in eating cake.)


  1. I had Kings cake once, when a patients family sent it to my workplace. It was good! Did you find the baby yet?

  2. so what did it taste like.....explain the flavors!!!!

  3. I've NEVER had one either - I agree with Sara....give details about what it tastes like! :-)

  4. Si, si--I don't know the meaning or the taste, we'd love an explanation!

  5. Oh my gosh it looks like the mailman destroyed it! Looks like I'm using UPS from now on. :)

    WELL... what about the CREAM CHEESE? Was it as to-die-for like I said???

    (Maybe I'm the only one obsessed with cream cheese around here!)

  6. Aww! That sweet Rachel. Looks good! Even if it is a little bit...destroyed. :)
    Looks like I've missed out on a lot of sass. I keep forgetting to push that little follow button. :) Going to do it now.

  7. Wow ... she sent you a king cake. I may have to do that as a giveaway. Great idea!

    They are quite delicious, but I like mine hot. They really just taste like a big doughnut, huh?

    Anyway, I can't have any right now anyway. Stupid diet.


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