Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Guilty Pleasure.

If you had to read that blathering post I had this morning I'm SO SORRY. Like I said somebody needed to slap me. That was a funky funk. But after I released it, I went upstairs and watched one of my very favorite shows.
The Bachelor. I am a reality show die-hard. I have been watching this show since the beginning. I watched Deanna make it all the way to the end and getting turned down. She became the Bachelorette. She had some amazing guys to choose from. Then she totally shocked us all by choosing the "odd" one. No surprise they broke up. So the "ONE" , Jason, we thought would be it for her, she let him get down on one knee and purpose, THEN she told him he wasn't the one. ARGH heartbreaking...so He's back to find true love. In the preview for the upcoming season it has Deanna coming back to stake claim to him.
I have to admit I'm a sucker for drama, and a happy ending. This guy totally deserves a happy ending.
Love it or hate it, the Bachelor is addicting. I've got Hubby watching it with me now.
He watches it for cynicism, I watch it for hope...in the happy ending.
What's your guilty pleasure?


  1. I watched this one last season and I really don't like Deanna, but I guess it doesn't matter. I don't have to marry her. Anyway, didn't realize it was back with him and she broke up, etc. I love drama...I'm gonna have to watch next week.

    ps I'm kinda sad I missed this mornings post...I'm way curious.

  2. honestly? blogging.

    i go back and forth between loving it and then deciding that it is too much of a time drain. obviously the fact that i love it wins out!

    i don't watch tv at all though...Grey's Anatomy was my one vice until this year decided to pull the plug on it...couldn't justify filling my brain with that foolishness anymore.

    thanks for inviting me to your blog...i'm curious...why'd you decide to go private?

  3. i am a LOST freak, thru and thru. when they had the pilot on commercials i thought it was a dumb show...til i watched the first episode and started my freakin'! reminds me, i need to put my countdown up...it starts this month! can't wait.

  4. You know I love it, girl....train wreck and all.

    I almost fell out of my chair laughing at your comment you left me today. I think deep down I knew you would be a fan, too. Then I said OUT loud, mind you,..."I so wish you lived close to me, Sara. We would have such a good time!".

    We all have those days when we think we need to be slapped. Instead, I am reaching through Bloggyland to give you a hug and a high five. Love ya, friend.

    Oh wait...
    Word verification: buffumis

    If that doesn't make you smile, what could? Ha!

  5. I never got into that one, but I am a LOST fan (though it drives me absolutely crazy that they never answer ANY questions, yet I go back for more) and a 24 fan. Those are 2 I can't miss and both start this month. woo to the hoo!!! but I also love survivor...talk about drama.

  6. I watch it too. Not always (since the beginning like eleven years ago) but ever since the first Deanna one. I missed almost all of it last night but saw the end.

    First, I didn't know Deana and Jesse broke up.

    Second, she's coming back to the show? whoa...

    I can't believe how interested I am in this. I usually am not, but I find both Jason and Deanna fascinating. I love to see how people work and what they'll do in crazy situations. that show is a pretty crazy situation :)

  7. Coke Icees. Ya'll probably don't have them way up north. :)

    I don't watch TV hardly at all (except for Seinfeld reruns, Barefoot Contessa, and What Not to Wear). I can't stand most reality shows. I'd much rather put in a movie.

  8. Ah, my guilty pleasure is ignoring my children durning The Office :) I'm glad to hear you are feeling a bit better! :)

  9. American Idol. And not the junky crazy weirdos in the beginning either. No Ma'am. I'm a hardcore shaddapa you face mama's watching American Idol kind of fan. Whoa, I think I feel a blog coming on, LOL. But seriously? Almost a decade into it... I'm still voting. :o)

    Blessings, Carolynn


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