Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Somebody needs to slap me.

I can NOT believe it is the 6th of January. Six days in. WHERE did the days go?
Okay, I took down the tree.
Cleaned and organized Butter's room.
Cleaned and organized Roo's room.
Cleaned and organized our bedroom.
Smashed and crunched mountains of boxes for recycling.
Did piles of laundry.
Watched a few playoff games.
Got obsessed about taking a picture a day. (Project 365)
I watched Hancock, Mama Mia and Kung Fu Panda.
Changed the furniture around in the living room, now that the tree is down there was a huge open space.
I'm inspired by Sarah, and her cheerful colors...
Six days have already passed. Does anyone else feel this way?

Hubby came home last night. I did not make dinner. I informed him I was on a making dinner strike. I am tired of fighting the children to sit down, sit still and eat their meal. I do my best to make wholesome, yummy meals. As Mother's you all know the guilt involved here. AND you all know the struggle to get the little ones to eat IT. Have you ever gone to the "THERE ARE STARVING CHILDREN IN..." place? Only to be convicted that you were once 6 and didn't eat well either. The children don't know about (dot dot dot) They can only comprehend Grandmas, home and school. oh, yeah and McDonalds. (You mean there's a WHOLE world out there? Yes, Virginia, there IS.)
So I said to Hubby "I'm on strike."
"You're on strike? From what?"
"Making dinner."
"For how long?"
"Till I feel like making it again."
He just stood there. Not much he could really say.
"I don't feel like my meals are appreciated around here."
"Well, I appreciate them." He's so kind, remember this is a man that would eat dog food if Tabasco went along side it.
This strike is more about the kids. Breakfast is a do it yourself. Butter likes using the toaster. She also likes getting her brother his breakfast. He normally has cereal, dry and takes 3 hours to eat 3/4-1 cup. Lunch I make sandwiches, or ramen or scrambled eggs, sometimes frozen pizza. But dinner is the time in which we sit together, say grace and eat a decent meal.
Butter chatters until her food is too cold to eat...Roo wiggles in his seat and screams when Butter interrupts him...I can't eat fast enough to get away from the circus before I loose my temper at the wasted food. Hubby always "adds" Tabasco to WHATEVER I make. It drives me NUTS. Can it ever be good ENOUGH? EVER?
Yeh, add the whole girl issues this week. I'm a mess. I just want someone to run me a bath, light me some candles, pour me some wine and hand me a chocolate bar. Rub some lotion on me so I don't get scaly from the dryness in the house and let me SLEEP for 2 days. Till the cramps stop and I don't have to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes.
I am a complaining, whiny (bleep) today! Me me me me and oh yeah ME again.
Somebody SLAP ME!
WHOSE got some GOD for me?
I need me some good scripture. My head hurts trying to think of some myself. All I got is old faithful :
I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety. Psalm 4:8
(I call it old faithful because it was the first verse I memorized after my depression...and it's the one I always go to.)
Today though I'm needing more...Whose got some word of the Father? and seriuosly, who wants to slap this whiny child?


  1. Oh I've had days like that....but I don't think anyone wants to slap you because in that kind of mood, you'd probably slap back and deck 'em!!! :)

    When I get like that, I lock myself in my room (for everyone elses protection), get my bible and ask God to take me to the scripture I need. Most times it is whatever I open up to!

  2. Ha! I don't want to slap you... I want some of that wine and a chocolate bar of my own!!

    I can't be an encouragement today... I cleaned 2. yes TWO. poopy diapers off of the floor... my child has decided that she doesn't want to wear diapers anymore, but has NO DESIRE AT ALL to use the potty.
    So, I walk around my house watching for piles of poop... thank goodness for hardwood floors!

  3. OK first of all based on that list up there you should NOT feel bad about yourself. You got a ton o' stuff done sister.

    It sounds like you need a bit of a break. When I'm PMSing (which I am right now), my hubby knows I need at least one night where we order pizza, I get to take a bath, and I get to go to bed early. You will not be your best if you are exhausted and you feel bad. You need some time to recharge, even if it's only one night (it's amazing what one good night of rest will do for you).

    Also? Get some Premsyn PMS pills. Those suckers are so good they shouldn't be legal. :)

    As far as the dinner issues, bring those before the Lord and pray that He gives you HIS outlook on things. It's so tough when we don't feel appreciated. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to hang up my hat doing youth ministry because of those ridiculous-acting teenagers. But I'm not doing it for me and my recognition; I'm doing it for the Lord and HIS recognition - my crown will be waiting in heaven, and it's much more important there. I think it's the same way with all the household stuff. We're called to be caretakers of our home and when we shoulder that responsibility others often take it for granted. My kid is a good eater so we don't have dinnertime battles, but I have been ready to throw in the cleaning towel MANY times. I get so sick of picking up/cleaning to find it messy/filthy 10 minutes after I'm done. And it comes back to the fact that "my time is too valuable" going through my head. The Lord has to remind me not to be so selfish and serve out of love, not out of what I will get from it.

    Wow, this is turning out to be a ridiculously long comment so I'm going to stop now. Love ya girl! It will get better!

    (PS I'm going to the bakery this weekend to mail your cake directly from there. I just don't trust our post office after the whole beignet fiasco.)

  4. I'm not one to be giving advice today. That's for sure. Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone and we've all been there.


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