Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm missing a WHAT?

Ok ya'll I got a funny story for you. So funny in fact that it is UP there with my most embarrassing moments. E.V.E.R.
I'm blond. Technically I'm dish water blond, but the eyebrows and body hair are really really light. I don't consider myself dumb. At least I didn't until today!
So I'm getting ready for the day, I put Roo in the tub for a bath. I wash his hair, then I start straighting mine. 15 minutes pass, ok time for him to get out, dry off get dressed because we have errands to run. I hear him crying for a shirt he wants. Butter and Hubby are loading up to go. I go help him, remember that oops I forgot to brush my teeth. THIS is a miracle because normally this is the last thing I remember to do. Especially in a rush to get out the door. I take a quick side glance in the mirror, hair looks good. Off we go. We hit Walmart, shippity-shop. We're off to the next stop. Rob is looking at me.
"What?" I say all defensive.
"Um, did you put your eyebrows on today?"
SH*T I thought I did. I remember doing one...then Roo called...Oh, Father in Heaven NO!
I flip down my mirror and sure enough I drew on one stinkin' eyebrow. I didn't get the second one on! Rob is laughing his butt off, they kids are asking what's so funny...I am mortified beyond measure.
I inform Rob that we are going home so I can finish my face!!!
And because I know that there is nothing but love for me out there I took pictures for you.


The only ONLY good thing, it was WALMART. They get all kinds of crazies in there...and now, I'm one of them. WAHHHHHHHHHH.

This shouldn't even be in the same post: Sweet Sara gave me this award.

This is awarded to someone showing great attitude and or the spirit of gratitude. (So Sara tells me.)

Come on Sara(me) you can do it! Pull out the lemonade here...

I am thankful that I did not run into anyone I knew. I am thankful that God loves me with or without my eyebrows on. AND I am SO thankful for Estee Lauder's blonde brow pencil.

Oh I HAVE great as in BIG, just isn't always gracious.

Sara, you may want to reconsider this...LOL Today, probably wasn't the right day to give this to me! Not that you knew I'd space and only put on one eyebrow...

I did leave a big tip for the gal that cut my family's hair today though. This was of course AFTER I went back home and finished my face.


  1. Oh good, now I'm not the only one of us who fits in at Walmart. Which by the way is my favorite store. You know I love you bunches; you're Super Awesome.

    Blessings, Carolynn

  2. You are so funny! I'm glad you have a good sense of humor and are able to laugh at yourself. I'm laughing too - but with you, not at you!

  3. Maybe no one noticed! :) Besides your husband of course. Oh, that's too funny.

  4. You crack me up - that was a great story. I agree with you about the people at Wal-Mart but please don't consider your-self in that group. At my Wal-Mart you need to have a few teeth missing.

  5. Whew. I'm so glad you didn't stop blogging. You freaked me out there for a minute.

    I'm sure you looked better than most of the people in Hell ... (ahem) I mean WalMart. If you had a bra on, you definitely did.

  6. Ha ha ha ha ha oh, I don't feel good and I really needed that laugh! Thank you! Laughing with, of course, NEVER at! :)

  7. HAHA! Thanks for the laugh, Sara. That is quite hilarious!

  8. ha ha ha ha ha!!!! That is sooo funny!!! My son is looking at me weird because I am laughing out loud!

    But, maybe your glasses hid the difference from people.....maybe.

  9. OH MY GOSH! That's hilarious!

    But don't worry, I'm sure no one in Walmart even noticed. :)

  10. so did you look at everyone sideways for the rest of that time? you're a hoot!


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