Friday, January 9, 2009

Tonight's Poem, brought to you by my hungry children

It is 6:ooPM and my children are nestled all snug in their beds.
Visions, I'm sure, of Mommy loosing her head.
We sat down for a winter's dinner.
Chili and warm bread. It was not a winner.
They cried and they fussed and refused to eat.
Momma sent them to bed without even a treat.
Now I can hear the cries and the moans.
I don't want them to become skin and bones.
I plan and I shop and I cook more and more.
Cooking for me, has become a hated chore.
Nothing seems tasty enough for these two.
Who fuss and complain and whine boo hoo
Off to your beds, I've had enough.
The spoon you will get if you act up.
Now I sit in silence, with guilt setting in.
Until tomorrow where it all starts again.


  1. I remember those days. It does get better - I promise!
    Your poem is great. It shows you still have a sense of humor. You can send the chili my way.

  2. Forget the guilt, sit with a bowl of popcorn or Hershey kisses and the quiet knowledge that you are a Terrific mother, wading through a trench we've all either been in or are trying to get out of ourselves.

    Plus, looky there, you're good at poetry!

    Blessings, Carolynn

  3. awwwww, remember it well. ;) So, what's for dinner tomorrow? :)

  4. Oh gosh Sara, isn't this just a hoot!

    I often wonder why my children don't really say they're hungry, they say they are STARVING. Really, starving, I don't think so.

  5. Look at you throwing a poem out into Bloggyland!!

    Growing up we were never forced to eat things, BUT we were also never given an alternative we simply learned to eat the food that was placed before us. And guess what...we learned to love it all!

    Lady, you are a fantastic momma...don't you forget it!

  6. Oh I remember those days!!!

    my rule at my house was this: I have worked hard on the meal, so you may sit down and say one of TWO things: This meal is GREAT! or this meal is not one of my favorites. If you choose the 2nd, you may quietly (after at least tasting) get up and make yourself a PB& sure to clean up your mess.

    You may not, for any reason, turn your nose up, make gagging noises, hide the food in your napkin or say GROSS!!

    It worked for me...most of the time!!! L)

  7. love the poem. i think we've all been there. kudos to you for putting them to bed and not giving in.

    glad i found you again!

  8. I am there with you! I plan, shop and cook meals for the family. No matter what (well, aside from hotdogs, mac-n-cheese, and chicken nuggets)the kids look at it and instantly begin to whine/moan. No dinner = no dessert. Often they go to be without eating ANYTHING and see ok with it!!!!!!!! It drives me CRAZY!

  9. Ok, that was supposed to be seem. :)

  10. reality &'re awesome. and the "spoon"...familiar tool around here!


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