Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today I am giving you some more journal pages that kind of wrap together nicely with the 1 Cor. Challenge.I made the decision to re-do our bedroom. Right now it is a cluttered mess. My dresser is WAY too big for the space. What I'm going to do with all the contents I have no CLUE. We are talking about knocking out the wall into the closet and doing some IKEA kind of wall cabinet/clothes storage thing. This will take time and money. But a smaller dresser just wouldn't work for my stuff, our Rob's stuff if we traded. He is very fond of "his" dresser. I'm concentrating on the positive. Like making a cute slipcover for the ottoman/stepping stool for the Dog. Since the bedspread is all one color, which is NEW for me. I normally go for flowers, multi-toned. I decided I needed to add spice somewhere. Pillows will also be made and dressers painted. I would LOVE to have a sitting area in the room but I am fairly certain that will not happen unless Nate Burkus comes to my house and helps this project along. So where does the team work come in? Someone has to help me paint!It is important to me to make it relaxing, romantic. Not the cluttered mess it is. Filled with stuff I don't know where to put. I have NO problem sleeping in the room. I have a problem not wanting to look at it in the light of day. Nothing about the room calls me except my heating blanket for a nap.
I went for wild. It is so not me, and yet I secretly want to bring that side out in the bedroom.
I refused to buy a pattern. I couldn't read the darn things. I just decided how I wanted it to look and prayed I could accomplish it. Keeping the cat off it while I was pinning it was the hardest part. Until the sewing started. Doing corners was a nightmare. It isn't perfect. But it's all mine! Hubby came home Monday and scuffed that the sink didn't get emptied and the laundry wasn't started. I said "EXCUSE ME!" Then he laughed and said "I know, I saw what you did today. It looks GREAT!" He was teasing me. Thank goodness.Now it's the most popular piece in the house!

As I mentioned before I spent some money at Kohls on things for Rob's enjoyment. It was REALLY hard to walk right past the new brightly colored tee-shirts.

Nope, I went out of my comfort-zone and bought pretty things that frankly I see as a waste of money. In my head I think "Ok, you wear it once the mystery is over, you can't wear it again, then it's like Oh that one again." But Rob said it this way. "It isn't that I see it again so much as remembering the last time you wore it, brings back memories and THAT gets me going."

Men have weird minds. So it's all good. I feel better. Which leads to this journal entry.
And one last thing, Kerry over at Colored with Memories, gave me this Award.
It is given out to blogs showing an "Investment and belief in proximity - nearness of space, time and relationships". It's a good thing SHE told me that cause I can't read Spanish? Our is that French? See I wouldn't know, it could say I smell like dirt but with the little butterflies on it nobody would think it said that. So Thank you Kerry! It was so kind of you! I just wish all you bloggy friends were in close proximidade to me!!! Then we could get Cupcakes. More on that later.


  1. 1. I'm liking your new blog design.

    2. Once again...cute cute slipcover.

    3. Way to go out of your comfort zone!

    4. Congrats on the deserve it!

    5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. I love your journal pages! Your slipcover is so cute and the new blog look is also great! I love it all! Congrats on the award too.

  3. Love the new blog page. If I lived closer I would come and help you paint. Love painting with colors. Adds lots of warmth. Let us know what color you decide on.
    I'm happy you received such a deserving award.

  4. Hey, one more thing - where did you find your new blog design??? I can't find one that I really like.

  5. LOVE rarrr! :) You did so great for not having a pattern. :)

  6. Love the slip cover!!! And really love that you did it all by yourself without a pattern....niiiiiice!

    You're right, men's minds are strange.....but he's right, that's how it works! good for you for thinking of him and going out of your comfort zone!!!

    Ok, you change your blog design more than any body I know!! so do you change your furniture around a lot too? since I have had the same blog design for quite a while, can you tell I'm and put-it-in-one-place-and-leave-it kind of person!!! ha!

  7. Look at you, all creative! I'm seriously impressed.

    I's a nice feeling to have your bedroom be sort of a "sanctuary", a place that isn't always cluttered, and a place where you can go and just be. Of course, mine isn't always like that, but I always feel better when it is! :) Your room is going to look fantastic.


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