Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pictures From Carnival Snow Sculptures.

Ok, to understand the COOLNESS of this, These people spend days working on their pieces. It takes a day to MAKE the snow blocks. Which in years past I've been able to help. There is this huge box. That you get lifted into by a bobcat, lifter thingy. Then the bobcat dumps in snow and you stomp it down packing it into the box. Then you are lifted out and down and the box (much like a spring form pan) is taken down and put up in a different spot. Until all the blocks are made.
We did not take a lot of pictures because it was like -9 and the camera kept freezing!

This one was called Chinese New Year. It won 2nd place.

First place was a pig driving a John Deer Tractor pulling a rooster...I didn't think it was that special. We liked the Mr. Potato Head sculpture.

Roo was excited to sit on the "firetruck" He really wanted someone to sit i the back, but Sissy was being a pill and was too cold. We did go for a real Firetruck ride and the guy driving the thing was INSANE! He was flying around the fair grounds and the ride was L.O.N.G. I could barely hang on for myself , hold Roo and Hold our scarves to our faces. Hardy bunch we are...
Hardy bunch of fools! Butter cried the whole time that she was cold. It WAS cold, but she didn't want to listen to us when was suggested other mittens and scarf...so it was her OWN fault. Plus she didn't want to wear socks in her boots. Roo had a blast and decided for himself that one firetruck ride was enough! (Thank goodness, Rob and I were going to draw straws to see who had to go again!) We were unable to stay long enough to see the Hot air balloons, Butter was a mess. That really warms things up when they get those going! It was a good day. Could have been warmer though.


  1. Oh, do you have any pics of the Mr. Potato head sculpture?

    A pig driving a John Deere tractor towing a rooster? Are you SURE you're not in the south??? :)

  2. Those are so awesome!

    Haaaa! You have me in stitches over the firetruck ride! Good stuff.

  3. Very cool! I've always wanted to go to one one these. With the cold weather they should stay around for a while!

  4. I'm with Butter, ill prepared and not a fan of the cold, lol. I can never remember why we live up here in the tundra until I'm out and then I'm all, let me back in!! You should make yourself an award for that firetruck ride though, Wowsa.

    Blessings, Carolynn

  5. that is so cool!!! How do they do that. I am always amazed at artists and how they can take a blog of nothing and make it spectacular!!

  6. i have never seen anything like this!
    very neat!

  7. I haven't gone. Can you believe that? I live VERY close by too. I don't do cold very well. I would have been Butter in this story :)


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