Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What I'll be watching part 2

I know where I will be Sat. night.
Watching the time honored tradition called Miss America.
Parents ran a local pagent. This year's Miss MN is one of Mother's girls.
This is Angie. Pretty isn't she. She kept a low profile on the TLC reality show. Good thinking.
So to get you in the mood, I've found some gems on youtube. It is amazing what you can find on there. Kicking it "old school" 1988 style...enjoy "Heart of America."

Don't you love the hair and dresses?
Will you be watching too?


  1. oh my word, that video is hilarious. and the big blonde w/ the big bangs...what a hoot!

  2. EVERYONE has the same hair! It's so weird...

  3. I'll be watching........I LOVE show like that! :-)

    Video. SO. darn. funny.

  4. Yup, she's the one I saw volunteering at Children's hospital when there with Asher! She IS pretty :)

    And yes, what MN MOM said--everyone DOES have the same hair!

  5. that was so funny...the hair!!!! yikes!

    Unfortunately, I won't be watching. I will be watching my 15 year old son play at the all region band concert where he will be playing 1st chair french horn!!!!


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