Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happiness is found in this post.

I think I've finally found a blog I like.
I've been checking back like a mad women hoping Custest Has come up with something new and well, cute.
I needed sunny, happy.
Daisies are SO sunny and happy.
I am feeling light and happy too because I am getting a few small "upgrades" and I've had a fist full of jellybeans.
Hubby and I went to Menards and found a couple new facets. One for the kitchen. (it leaked) and one for the bathroom. (upstairs, not scary toilet one.) Roo has a hard time turning that facet on and off, so we got a double handle jobby.
I'm not not sure you, but I LOVE upgrades. Even if it's just an new set of 800 count sheets. Or a shower size towel that actually covers my body! Love it. Makes me happy.
The SUN, sun shining makes me happy. It feels so GOOD. That warmth.
All I need today to make this day perfect is a good book to read and some sun tea...which I'm making right now.
I want some flipflops and rockin tunes on my ipod. If I were a little crazier I'd line that big box in the garage with tinfoil and have me a suntan session. (My Mother used to do this when we were kids. It'd be March and Mother would be in her tin-foiled box) I'm not quite that desparate yet.
You know what else makes me happy.
Spending the morning in our pajamas watching Disney Channels Phineas & Ferb. Oh, goodness it's funny stuff. It took Rob and I back to Saturday mornings as kids in front of the cartoons.
If you haven't heard of P&F let me introduce you:

I'm so happy I'm not a Candace. hee hee.


  1. Hey, very cute layout! It's giving me spring fever...

    It's sometimes the little things that make us so it. 800 count sheets? Yes ma'am.

  2. Oh - I am SO with you on the little upgrades! Some of the greatest joys come from those. :) Love the blog too!! :)

  3. Oooh... I LOVE the daisies!

    I like upgrades too - unfortunately our small apartment and tight budget don't allow for them too often. :)

  4. Luh-huving the new look!

    Oh, how I wish it were time for flip flops. I shaved my legs again today in preparation for shorts. (It's been like a month) But I think I wasted my time and hot water. bugger.

  5. love, love this new look!!! it makes me smile just looking at it!!!

  6. I love the new look - Yellow is my favorite color. I am having the same problem with my blog. I think I've changed it about 10 times since January.

  7. daisies are my absolute favorite flower and oh how i love the look here. definitely bright and cheery!!

    my boys love that cartoon. i hear them giggling a lot when they watch it!


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