Monday, February 16, 2009

A-Z About Me.

Carolynn over at Willow Tree did this post last week...
Of course I had to add pictures cause I like googling...hee hee

Attached or Single? Attached Best Friend? My Hubby Rob
Cake or Pie? Cake FOR SURE. Put the Lime in the Coconut cake. ahhhhhhh. (I'm working on perfecting this one girls, when I do you'll be the first to know!)
Day of Choice? Friday, Hubby gets home at 12:30PM WOO HOO!
Essential Item? Cherry flavored Softlips chapstick.
Flavor of Ice Cream? Cappuccino Heath bar blizzard from DQ, OR Shamrock shake from 'DonaldsGummy Bears or Worms? Ewe, neither. Sour patch kids if it HAS to be gummy.Hometown? I've lived in Minnesota nearly my whole life. So I'm going to give you the town I did the must growing in...Boston, Mass. I was 19 and a nanny. Best and worst time of my whole life. By far I grew up the most there!
Indulgences? Watching Soap opera's after everyone else is in bed. (General Hospital & One Live To Live) Oh, and the Bachelor.
January or July? January. We went on our honeymoon in Jan. 2002 and both kids were due in Jan. July can be humid. I hate sweating. But I do like fireworks...hmm.

Kids? 2 plus a dog that thinks she's my baby. And a needy cat.
Last Movie I Saw in the Theater? Four Christmas' (It was THAT long ago? Man, I need a date!)
Middle Name? Kay

Number of Siblings? 1 (plus two half sibs and one step sib. Not close to any of them)

Oranges or Apples? Oranges. Vitamin C ya'll.

Phobia or Fear? Fear. I fear that I'll screw up my kids or that some maniac will take them.

Quote? "Everyone has the power for greatness, not for fame but for greatness, because greatness is determined by service." ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Reason to Smile? My kids doing "rockstar" to the Jonas brothers and Hannah Montana. (I got video)

Season? Is it Spring yet!?!? I only like winter for allergies sake. I want to SUN!
Tag 5 More: I don't tag. I can't run fast enough...

Unknown Fact About Me? I hate to speed. Ever since I had kids my lead foot turned to jell-o.

Vegetarian or Carnivore? Carnivore. Meat meat meat GO meat!
Worst Habit? Yelling. (argh, I hate admitting that, but I'm a yeller.)
X-rays or Ultrasounds? I enjoyed ultrasounds, I got darn good at guessing body parts on Nina.
(I had 15 with her.)

Your Favorite Food? Spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread with a side of balsamic vinegar, with an end of something sweet, gooey and chocolaty.
Zodiac? Aries. Sassy, stubborn and daring.


  1. Okay, this post made me HUNGRY!! Lol!!

  2. That was a fun one! I like all the pictures you included.

  3. I agree - all of those pictures made this post so creative, colorful, and fun! Must've taken you a while to get this all put together. :) I like it.
    You are funny, witty, AND creative. Wow. :)
    And, yes, that pun of a comment you left was quite good! I was laughing right along with ya.
    I love meat too. I have quite a few friends who are either vegitarians or super healthy eaters. I tend to stand out a bit when we go out. :)

  4. first I have to say again that I LOVE your new look!!!

    And I guess you'll have to stay with that lipgloss since your chicken poop got stolen! :)

    I love Fridays hubby's day off and our date day!

  5. i've learned so much about it! 15 ultrasounds!!!! i had 5 and thought that was a lot! i hope you were okay????

    i too enjoy a good cake...just made one for my son's b-day party and now leftovers are calling my name in the kitchen...yummy!

  6. I am going to HAVE to use that excuse about tagging--so hilarious!

    And that cake, when you perfect it, sounds divine. I love cookies, but cake is always welcome in my belly, too. Ha! Speaking of which, how was your time at Cupcake?

  7. The meat pic is freaking hilarious.

    We were both nannies!

    Sour Patch kids have always been my fav.

    Fun post!

  8. Oh, my gosh! I LOVED this post! How fun ... and the pictures just topped it off. You know ... my mouth started to water just looking at the sour patch kids - - and, I don't even like them! :)

  9. oh my WORD...all this yummy food on here. i love how you did photos. so hey, i'm a KAY too! ☺ and your "tag" one made me laugh. fun post and more fun learning even MORE about you sweet sara!


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