Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's the Monkeys.

Today as I sat on the couch enjoying my first cup of coffee, Nick came and sat on my lap.
(I was only thinking of getting through this hot cup of coffee while it was still HOT. Not about that fact that I was suppose to meet someone at Perkins this morning. Or that choosing to color my hair today I would end up ruining my favorite "sleep" shirt.)
Here's the conversation:
"Mamma, I want to go to Cali phon ria ah." California.
"California? Really? Why California?"
"They hab lots ob stubf there." have lots of stuff there.
"Like what kind of stuff Nick?"
" Lots ob stubf. Trees."
"Yes, they do have trees that we don't have."
"And Monkeys."
"Yeh, monkeys in them trees."
"They have monkeys in their trees?"
"Yes. In Cali phon ria ah."
"Maybe at the zoo. In those trees."
"No, they hide. And jump out at you from the trees."
"Really? I've never heard about that in California."
"That's why I want to go there."
"For the monkeys?"
"Yep. For the monkeys in the trees."

Good to know.


  1. Ha! I love the things kiddos come up with!

  2. Thanks for sharing that information. I didn't know about the monkeys! I like your new look.

  3. so does he act like a monkey? you could paint a couple trees in his bedroom?!

  4. You should contact the CA department of tourism. Could you imagine Ah-nold saying that for a commercial?


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