Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Turn it up...

Turn what up Miss Sara?
Oh, I don't about the love?
How about the affection?
Chex appeal?
Cough, gag, wince
Never mind the last one, not going there.
You know that Gloria Estafan song...
Turn the beat around...
There is a part that says
"Turn it up turn it up turn upside down."
Is this one of those "tiny Dancer/Tony Danza moments?
That song is bouncing around in my head.
I hate when songs get stuck in your head. Like annoying little bees, buzz buzz buzzing.
Where you then HAVE too search it out and listen to it to stop the annoyance before you are completely driven mad by the heinous song that it is anyway!!!!

Why in heavens name do we have SO many potholes?
My friend lost a tire and had to get four new tires all because of a pot-hole-y road.
Does the stimulus package have pothole coverage?
AND why is the street drain on my corner not draining?
I have a freakin' lake at the end of my driveway. Which is better then the lake my neighbor has in there YARD, but still should I go throw some Draino down it?

I need some new shirts. Pretty ones. Colorful ones that make me HAPPY.
Everything is gray and "dirty" outside. This is NOT right for February in MN. We should still be snow covered. I'm thinking I need wellies this year. It's wet out. Wouldn't a pair of those cute knee high rubber boots look so cute?

Oh, man I hate when we run out of cat litter, and when said cat goes outside to sun herself yet refuses to find a patch and USE it. No, she meows at us until her box is spotlessly clean. It's annoying, kinda like that song that is stuck in my head...Which I'm now hoping is stuck in yours so I don't feel so alone.

I would also like to add: Say what you mean.
you know how people beat around a bush and never really say what they mean, for what ever reason Just SAY IT! And for Pete's sake MEAN what you say. If you don't really mean it, do NOT say it. It causes more misunderstanding and hurt.
Do you ever feel sorry for "Pete"? Who is this Pete? Instead of cursing on him or Goodness or God, why don't we say it like this:
"Oh for my sanity, can you just say what you mean?"
Because really it is my sanity that gets tainted in all these head games and mean wells and make happys. Just shut IT. Be real. Be truthful. Big girls DO cry, but cry less when we're not lied to or manipulated by people that can't say what they mean and mean what they say.

Hey Gloria, you can turn THAT beat up a notch cause there are still some that didn't get it...

I'm not mad or anything. Just tired.

Like when your kid wants to ride the merry-go-round, you know you shouldn't even go on it once but you want to be good/fun mom so you do. And then they want to do it over and over again and you have to use up your tickets now that you got them. So you keep riding it. Then you realize, crippity crap, I'm going to hurl chunks because I stayed on it too long.
I'm feeling like that...
Only my merry-go-round is a relationship. And I have realized I've been hanging on way too long. Now that I realize that, I want off. NOW! Cause I'm gonna hurl chunks if I hear one more not so nice thing coming in her voice.

Hey, Gloria. I hear that rat tat tat on the's over.

Hmmm, aren't you glad you read this?


  1. Girl, you need to turn it down. That's a lot of info in one post. I couldn't keep track of everything. It'll be OK. :)

  2. Yeah, thanks for the song being stuck in my head.


    I'm with ya on telling it like it is (as you've seen from my blog) but I know that for some, mostly women, it's hard to just be honest. Hard to just say what yer thinkin' and feelin'.

    I think a big reason is because we, as women, (don't beat me up) can be so freakin' judgemental that we're scared to say what's on our mind or our hearts.

    Then there are times where people just out and out don't wanna be honest because they're spineless, wimpy, morons.

    I know some of thems folks. =) Thinkin' you might too...

  3. You are funny, and you make me tired reading so fast, but you are also right!

  4. BOO to more snow....Some of my fam lives in MN so i know you will get more...but Boo!!!!!

  5. I getcha girl....sometimes things are just crazy and all upside down! And it's ok to vent about it all!

    On to a much more fun topic...
    The Bachelor. I'm going to host a Bachelor party on my blog the day before the finale. With a contest or two and some major discussion/predictions. It's going to be good. Will you come?

  6. Come vent to me in email!

    ohmygosh you said Wellies. I was JUST shopping for some today; Wisconsin's in this weird half winter half spring funk too. It should be nothing but daisies, theoretically speaking, but it's all slush and potholes here too, LOL. Plus when we get the next 6 inches of snow we'll all go mad...

    Love & Hugs, Carolynn

  7. okay, now i am totally hearing that song in my head and will probably fall asleep singing it...thanks a lot!!!!

    i say 'oh, for pete's sake' quite a bit. now my son will say something similar...but it ends up sounding like 'oh for pancakes!' now i say that at times. it makes me smile! : )
    hope it did you too!

    you make me smile and laugh! thanks for that!

  8. Oh my gosh, you are so funny! And I remember that song sooooo well, sad is it is to say.

    ...And it's probably going to be stuck in my head all


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