Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ode to Spring

Oh, Spring!
Where art thou?
Though my grass is greening, you are yet to show thou buds.
Thy Sun is shining, but thy warmth can not be felt.
Spring, I long for you, as I long for a huge gooy chocolate chip cookie, still steaming from the oven.
It is thy budding leaves and tulips I long to see sprouting from thy ground.
And certainly not thy discarded gum wads or dog left-overs scattered 'cross the lawn.
Oh Spring, where art thou?
I am insane for your return.
Come soon....


  1. Haha!

    Now I'm longing for a warm chocolate chip cookie even more than you're longing for spring.

  2. now why couldn't that dumb groundhog come out and say stuff like this post! ugg. cute one sara!

  3. I ache for Spring to come!!! I would love to just see the grass.
    I don't care if it is brown.

  4. Your comment cracked me up.

    You should be down south -- I wore short sleeves yesterday. ;)

  5. Guess I shouldn't tell you that it was in the 70s today here.

  6. and I guess I shouldn't tell you that the trees and flowers are budding here....that would be mean!

  7. You Said It! I'm Desperate for Spring!! So between now and then I will over use my lilac candle and have cold toes as I Will the seasons to change by refusing to wear snow boots for one more day, even if that means I look like a moron slipping around in my 3 inch heels. Oh yes I do.

    Much Love

  8. Oh my gosh, your comment made my day. I was dying out laughing. Yeah, I know!! I'm like, "Who told you this was okay to do???" And I forgot one excuse: "My computer didn't work." Well, isn't that a shame, especially since there are over 100 around campus you can use. LOL!

  9. ME TOO. I want Spring SO bad! And now more snow? Blech!


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