Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Total Randomness

Today I spent the morning meal prepping.
I smell like onions and browned meat.
No wonder the dog keeps following me around.
It snowed here last night, just one day after I spent 40 minutes in the yard de-bombing it.
As in poop bombs, that have built up over the course of 3 months.
Speaking of poo, the kids and I were watching Animal Planet yesterday afternoon and a show called 'Animals Most Extreme' was on. They talked a bout a Cheetah, being the fastest, a Muskox being the most hard headed and there was this caterpillar that could shoot it's poo over 5 feet. Literally propel it 5 feet away. Why would a caterpillar needs this ability? Apparently there is a wasp that is attracted to this 'Pillar's poo, so it launches it far far away and the wasp goes to the poo and leaves the 'pillar alone.
Hmmm, that has me wondering. How cool would that be if my dog could some how launch her poo over the fence and across the street into the woods. Then I wouldn't have to spend 40 minutes and 2 plastic bags to pick poo up in the yard.
Did anyone watch Idol last night?
What happened? (I did see it, but I'm asking WHAT happened?)
Tatiana was the best female singer last night. I hate to admit that but sheesh, bad bad song choices. Wasn't she weird? Like, weirder then normal. She was freaking me out.
Danny Rocked. He was the best of the night. My home-grown Casey is cute but I'm not sure people will vote for her. She had some really weird moves and faces while singing a really horrid song choice.
Oh, and I liked Anoop.
Or maybe it's his name ANoop. Noop noop a doop shoop a doop Anoop.
Tonight we have Lost.
Is anyone else freaked out by the sight of Faraday's mother?
I've seen her before in something and she wasn't good. She was really really BAD.
As in Evil.
Wonder how they plan to get Kate to bring Aaron back...specially when she drempt about Claire...
I've asked this before and I'll ask it again.
WHAT is the smoke monster and WHY haven't we seen it in forever. (flashbacks don't count)
You would think that last season when all hell was breaking loose the island smoke monster would have been really ticked off...specially with Ben. Isn't HE the whole reason all the bad stuff EVER happens.
I mean if they JUST would have gone to the aircraft when they first landed, helped them and got them OFF the island nobody would KNOW anything...I guess there wouldn't be a show either...
I NEED closure.
Wednesday are suppose to be wordless in blogland.
Not here, rare is the day that I don't have something rambling around in my head.
Which brings me to the grocery store last night. I went right after I inhaled my dinner.
6PM. It was dead as a doornail in there. Seriously. It was really rather nice.
However there was a guy sitting at the blood pressure machine and after I realized he was there "copping a skwat" I asked him if he'd please get up so I could use it.
He looked at me funny.
Not because of my request but because I was serious and TOOK my blood pressure.
He asked what I was so worried about. I noticed he had a ring on so he must KNOW something about women and how we worry. I kindly told him I worried ALL the time about screwing up my kids. He laughed at me. Then he gave me some good life lessons. He was nice. It was weird. Weird because when I got home I thought How come we don't TALK to people anymore? You know random people, while we're waiting in the same space. We ignore each other and try to stand a good distance away too. As I was leaving the man stood, like how people stand when someone gets up from a table...and he touched my shoulder. Not in a creepy, invade my space kind of way, but a gentle caring touch. My blood pressure is still high. 134/87
While I was in line paying that I was indeed under my $100 max.
I was struck by how quiet it was.
The check-out lady was WAITING for me.
Then I heard the music playing.
New Kids on the Block's "I'll be Loving You"
I started laughing OUT loud.
The women asked what was so funny and I said "Normally I can't even hear my own thoughts when I come here but's NEW KIDS."
Then she laughed. And we laughed together.
I was well UNDER my $100 max.
Life was good for a Tuesday.


  1. your rants are always so FUN to read. and the dog poop one had me in stitches. i love hearing about the simple stuff in your day.

  2. I love it when you go with your randomness.
    I remember when I wsa a kid, it was my job in spring to clean up the yard when the snow had melted.
    We called it poopie clean up. My dad even had a big ole' poop shovel. It was sooo gross. I wore my winter boots for this job.

  3. Glad you had a good Tuesday and thanks for the lesson on caterpillar poo!

  4. Wow, this is random.

    Yes, I was totally shocked at Idol. My favorites were Alexis Grace and Danny Gokey.

    Sorry about the poo.

  5. the poo stuff was hilarious.

    And New Kids, oh how I loved the New Kids... so long ago...

  6. oh I have a poo story for you, but it is very long...maybe I will post on it....

  7. My kids would have loved the poop channel - the caterpillar history was fascinating and I shared it with them


  8. New Kids!?!? At the store?!?!? So jealous.

    The music in stores around here is in Spanish. That's my fave.

    Thinking the extreme animals kinda sound like what's going on around our house. My baby would be the cheetah, crawling way too fast. The muskox would probably be me, though don't tell my husband I admitted that. And that uh, caterpillar, well I'm not going there.

    I talk to people at the store. All the time. People think I'm weird. And maybe I am. But I like small talk sometimes. Or maybe I just enjoy talking to someone over the age of three on occasion. Even if it's at the grocery store to someone who doesn't speak English. I think my favorite people to randomly talk to are elderly ladies. They have so much wisdom.

    And it's nice to see someone else who has just as saggy of boobs as me.

  9. loved this...all the exciting stuff you can learn about animals. my word.

    sorry your bp is still up. maybe just listen to new kids some more!


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