Monday, February 2, 2009


This weekend was just what I needed. Time in. Reading time. Crafting time. Time to be quiet. Time to have quiet. Hubby fixed the dishwasher. It hasn't worked since before Christmas. Long story, parts and wrong parts and waiting for refund to by more parts. We priced new ones, oh how that would have been easy and wonderful to have new...but sometimes the old just needs a little tender loving work.
My heart needed a little tender-loving work this weekend. I had a few nice phone conversations where I was challenged in my thinking and my heart reset. My dear sweet Hubby took interest in the kiddos this weekend and spent good quality time with them. They played outside together, they went ice-skating together, they played on the computer together. They only down side is that for some reason my son can NOT get to the potty at home and we have tons of accidents. He burned through 20 pairs of underwear. It is a cycle of us saying "Roo take a break. Go to the bathroom." Where he says he doesn't need to, we say go anyway, and after about a minute he comes out dripping. That is beyond frustrating for me.
I think that is why I say I needed my heart reset. See I've been counting on Roo to be the big boy and listen to his body and do as I ask, when really I need to be showing him what it means to listen and follow through. Hubby and I watched FireProof on Thursday night. It was a great way to kick-off our weekend. I noticed little things, like how we spoke to each other. Not snippy or irritated but kind and loving. Even in the pee-pee mess. We had some nice alone time. We enjoyed the game together. We had good conversations. Friday we went to a "goodbye" party for Rob's cousin who is going to Australia for Jterm. We saw a lot of his family, which was nice.
I am feeling awful about not taking pictures...I have already botched 365. And that is OK with me. I knew it would be difficult for me. Days all fit the same mold for us here. It is routine, I LIKE my routine, but I don't need 365 pictures to remember my routine. I hope that didn't sound "snotty" it wasn't meant to. I am only going to add pictures that "speak" to me instead of having to take one EVERYDAY.
I was at the paint store this weekend looking at paint colors...and there is a new gadget from black and decker that sucks the paint up in a tube so you don't have to keep dipping the roller. I have to find that! I am now getting the bug to paint the living room area, which is the largest space to paint. Today is my visit to the dentist. ARGH. I'm not getting cleaned today, just meeting her and going over fears and stuff. I haven't seen the dentist in 2 years, I am seeing a new one and it's a Woman. I've never had a woman dentist. I made the kids see her first...she was very nice and I felt calm around her, so it's my turn.


  1. I am glad you had a great weekend. My parents just gave us Fireproof for an early Valentine's
    Day gift. We are going to watch it this weekend. Let us know the color you choose for the living room. Thanks for the tip on the roller. I have the painting itch myself. We have lived in this hosue for 3 1/2 years and we painted everything before we moved in. Guess what? I am ready for some change. Joel is not to keen on the idea. Will have to wait and see.
    Have a great week! Good luck with Roo!

  2. I'm glad you had a good weekend. We enjoyed that movie too. The potty training will come. Good luck!

  3. High five on your dishwasher!
    SO great to hear you and hubs are doing great; that is one terrific movie! And hear hear for not being a slave to resolutions!

    Blessings, Carolynn

  4. What a nice time to get to do some things you like to do. I want to see Fireproof...maybe I can get Husband to rent it sometime soon.

  5. Your weekend sounded so wonderful Sara! Really connecting with Hubby - quiet time - hubby and kid time; SO my favorite kind of weekend!! :)
    I hear ya on the potty training. It is not an easy process and does tend to bring out the frustrated mommy in me too. "WHAT IS SO HARD ABOUT PULLING DOWN YOUR PANTS AND GOING POTTY ON THE TOILET?!" - Not that I have ever said that in a loud voice to my boys. THat wouldn't be very nice.

  6. You're the second person to mention Fireproof. I need to watch this movie!


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