Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ah ha, ah ha ha ha

Ah ha, ah ha ha ha....
See I'm laughing not because I'm happy or giddy. It's my nervous laugh. I had a dental appointment yesterday. No biggie right? Go in, meet the dentist, they take a look-see.
*insert laugh again*
I am wondering if the high blood pressure is because I KNEW the dentist was coming up.
(I am seeing my Doc on Weds.)
Or something else.
I told the dentist, she took my blood pressure. 165/105 (she said the wrist-let things are 10 points off)
Then she asked how I was feeling. All I could do was nod. I was paralyzed by nerves. My back was drenched in sweat. How on earth did I get this way?
I had braces, after the gaps in my teeth closed I had extra gums, gapping in my gums and needed surgery. I got several shots of Novocain right in the upper front gums. PAIN-FUL. The Doctor got called away in the middle of surgery and came back later to start cutting again. The Novocain had warn off by then. I began screaming. According to my mother, who was out in the saiting area, it was blood-curdling. All I can say is the pain was the worst pain I'd ever felt in my life. (This includes early labor with my son. I had c-sections and was good and numb for that.) The gum surgery haunts me. Even if I bang my front gums with a spoon or Hubby gets a little frisky with his kissing I will cry out in pain.
So yesterday as the dentist was measuring the gums she "nicked" my front. Instant tears and I'm pretty sure the blood pressure spiked an all time high. She was very kind, apologized and proceeded with far more care, I'm sure, then normal. Then we talked about fillings needing to be replaced, fix this up real nice. (all I got was; you are in for a whole lotta pain sister.)
Something in her eyes told me she'd take care of me. She was studying me, looking me over. And said "We can't work on you if your blood pressure is high." I thought about that, then thought well, what if it's ALWAYS high because I am scared to death to walk in this place.
We talked about talking to the doctor and getting a prescription. Then she handed me another prescription. This one for Valium.
*insert* laugh.
She said "take 2 the day you are to come, we'll have the gas ready."
I have never had Valium before. I hope to Goodness it works because my fight and flight instinct will be kicking into high gear. I feel light a rabbit, scare me enough and I very well could die from being scared to death. If you are thinking "Boy, this gal needs to get over it." I can only say, you weren't there and you didn't have you gums sliced off without pain med. There is NO getting over that. For me it isn't about sucking it up or acting like the adult. All that my mind remembers is the way my body was sitting and the sound of the cutting and the agonizing pain. It's something like when you go into the doctor and put your legs up in the stir-ups that pain comes back in your mind. It's your body remembering not you head.
Have I ever told you about my fear of roller coasters???


  1. you should have read my old blog when i talked about having oral surgery. where they cut a piece of skin off the roof of my mouth and grafted it to the bottom gum line near my front bottom teeth. i had valium baby...TAKE IT!!!

  2. ohmygosh. No suck it up from me friend, I'm terrified too, and I didn't even have your horror flick experience! Every time I get my teeth Cleaned I get Novicane AND the gas. Totally worth the extra $30. And still... I white knuckle the chair and cry and pray my way through it. Awful. If I could afford it I would go to the dentist that knocks you out cold first. Seriously.

    Blessings, Carolynn

  3. I don't like going to the dentist and I've never had anything like you went through. Take your valium - you deserve it!

  4. The dentist makes me SUPER nervous too....I feel for you, girl.
    How great that you found one that really cares about you. :-)

  5. I feel you pain because I HATE going to the dentist. Makes me want to barf, literally.

    I put it off, and off and off until it's been a year and a half and they're completely grossed out cleaning my teeth :) Good times.

  6. You'll make it, I promise! I've never had valium, but the happy gas is n-i-i-c-e. :)

  7. valium became a friend of mine recently when i had pneumonia. it relaxed my back muscles to my whole stinkin' body didn't hurt when i coughed. i was nervous about taking it...but it really worked and didn't knock me out too bad. at night though, it did help me relax and sleep. i have heard of dr.'s giving that to relax patients before these sorts of things...good luck! and i agree with Linda...TAKE IT!

  8. take the valium!!! It's good stuff!!!

  9. mmmmmm. Valium. GO FOR IT. Take 3 if you can!!! I don't think you need to grow up and get over it. That dental stuff is PAIN-FUL. I'm sorry!

  10. Take it - it is well worth it :)

  11. Oh honey I am soooo sorry. That surgery that Linda is talking about? I've had that done. Twice. It's no fun,and so I feel for you, and I won't really try to make you feel better, because...yuck. Never had Valium, but hey, if it gets you through, go for it!

  12. guess what? the DA who cleaned my teeth actually got angry with me today. lecture on flossing but obviously she was already having a bad day and held nothing back in barking at me on the possiblity of a future cavity. sheesh! but that was the most "painful" part, so i survived!☺


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