Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I can't explain how I feel today.
I was up late into the night crying.
Argh, it drives me crazy. The hurt comes out of nowhere and then I can't stop crying.
Please don't apologize or try to make me feel "better"
That is not why I'm telling you, I'm just saying why I'm tired.
As I went around to read my Blog list I noticed some of you posted lists of things that make you happy. That got me thinking what makes me happy?

I am going to put down some bullet points.

  • The sunshine. Waking up and seeing the sun brightens my mood and reminds me that God is near.
  • Regardless of how dark it is at night. How along I "feel". The sun will come out tomorrow and only shadows like the dark.
  • baking cookies. I love to bake cookies for my kids. Watching their little hands grab at the warm cookies.
  • The anticipation of Easter. The day we acknowledge our Who and what our Savior did for us. How we take care to dress up and celebrate the fact that He has risen.
  • That He is taking care of us.
  • That I have a family outside of the Registers that I can count on and go to.
  • My birthday is coming up, and for once I am looking forward to it. Call me crazy but it always seems to be a big let down. I don't care this year. I am going to be thankful I made it to 35 and that I am still excited to follow Christ. Looking forward to the challenges He gives me this 35 year.
  • I love nail polish and this weekend I am going to Ulta and taking advantage of their Buy one get one 1/2 off. I want some new pretty shades.
  • We are planning our deck expansion and garden. It won't be much but I can't live without my pea pods and flowers.
  • Sifting through the hurt and drawing near to HIM.
  • Wearing flip flops again.
  • Seeing my children's art projects from school. Roo made a jelly fish and Butter, who has been learning about Honest Abe, brought home his head with a note at the bottom that said. "If I were President I would..." (her answer was) I'd give toys to the children.

We aren't going to the parade today...I'm too exhausted. I'm going to hanker down and read today. It's a reading day. I finished Angela Hunt's book The Elevator. Can't say I'll be thrilled to step into one anytime soon, but at least there aren't threats of hurricanes where I live. I will say this, the book was ok. I saw what was coming from the beginning so it wasn't a shock, but her ending wasn't good. It was like she got bored with the characters and ended it. There should have been a bit more closer and one character was a TOTAL let down. I am a picky reader. If I'm going to give up my time to read your book you better entertain me and satisfy me and give me a ride worth going on.

I'm curious: How do ya'll feel about the bonus' AIG has been given out and plans to give out?

I've read the paper...but I want to hear what ya'll think...or don't think.


  1. Good list of happy things! I find that helps me when I am bummed about something too. As for the bonus - it doesn't make me happy! I'm kind of burying my head as far as all that goes. It just depresses me to think about it!

  2. Oh, I needed to read this list of happy things today - and I probably need to make one of my own...I've been sort of down in the dumps myself. Boo...

    I haven't seen The Elevator at my library yet. I read The Novelist by Angela Hunt and wasn't super crazy about it...I think it just paled in comparison after I read Uncharted. What are you reading today?

  3. sorry for your slumpy day...looks like you are thinking ahead though to get over the slumpies soon! nail polish is a good fix...what a great idea! yellow is the new pink...enjoy!

  4. is it the weather...or season...or L.I.F.E.? cuz i feel the blues too. God has been working on my heart overtime and it hurts. so thanks for a good reminder to see the silver lining...or at least the flip flops!!! ☺
    big hugs to you sara!

  5. I have been crying for 2 days now, so I know how you feel...wiped out. I think I may have to make a list too.

    try reading her books unchartered or the Face...both great!! I felt the same way about the elevator.

  6. Sunshine, cookies, nail polish, flip flops...my kinda list :)

    I made my list on a bad day too. It helps to look for sunshine even when it's hiding!

  7. Praying God's peace. I can't get over what a blessing the Beth Moore "Living Beyond Yourself" study. More on that in my post on Peace. I feel you girly!!


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