Monday, March 16, 2009

What I did first...Then Rock it.

I do know that it's Monday. And I am the one who was all gung ho on the Mix tape carni.
But I have to admit we are finally FINALLY getting some spring weather and instead of doing my "homework" yesterday, I was out enjoying the 50s. Temps not tunes.
Today is suppose to get into the 60s.
OH the JOY!
I had to boogy down to the post office today and get my MIL's present in the mail. Her birthday is tomorrow. St. Patty's day. Don't count on a post from me tomorrow, I'm Irish (thinking) and I like to celebrate by watching the drunks in the parade. Seriously, good times. The Lucky charms dude hands out cereal, the Gedney pickle dances, there are Irish dancers and bag-pipers and then the Irish who've been drinking their green beer since dawn and choose to walk down the street. We love us some parades! We have them in the dead of winter remember Winter Carnival? Summer is the best not a weekend goes by when there isn't a parade near by.
Now can anyone answer me this:
How can a post office be out of mailers?
Big envelopes to mail stuff in?
I'm just wondering because mine was and it really ticked me off. I drove 5 miles OUT of my way to go there when I could have just bought postage at the store a block away. The problem they don't have mailers. So I went to the post office because that is where you go to mail things and get things to put your things in to mail.
Argh, SO annoying.
What I did first today was shave my legs.
Uh huh.
I did.
First time since October.
Before you go all "gag me with a spoon."
I have very light hair. I would say I'm polar bearish. Meaning transparent hairs. Not hairy!
It's so funny, because as the time goes by Hubby will say "Did you shave your legs they feel so smooth?"
Nope, it's just longer.
I can almost braid it by March.
Ok, that isn't really true, but it does take some time.
I also broke out the flip flops.
Note to self: Paint your toe nails!
Oh glory.
The children had a picnic outside yesterday for lunch. It was so cute to see them sitting at there table, eating so nice enjoying the sunshine.
Watching the dog stand on the bench trying to grab food.
Watch Cat jump up on table and knock over the milk glasses.
Dog getting milk all over her and needing a bath.
It was a brilliant day. (I shall not complain.)
I realize that in 3 months all you will hear from me is how bloody hot and humid it is and how I will not be going outside!
I am wearing capris today also, showing off my newly shaved calves. OOH! GRRR!
That is why I see it fitting to open this show with a Rock song near and dear to any gal who's ever been caught with stubble at the beach and had the boys yell "Hey (insert name) Shave much?"
And you retort: "Yeh, Um Welcome to the Jungle Baby!"
And for extra kicks I added Bon Jovi 'You Give Love a Bad Name'
And Queen.
Frankly, if you didn't jam to this one...I have no words to finish that other then you were a Dweeb.
Now go practise your heading banging!


  1. Very nice song choice. My coworker is in love with Bon Jovi.

    I haven't read any Frank Peretti, but it's scarier than Left Behind. When Hubby was on his (LAST!!!) road trip, I didn't read it after dark! But it's sooooo good!

  2. I LOVE Bon Jovi, great choice! I shaved my legs today too, haha! It is 77 here, heat wave!

  3. okay, now seriously? since october? i don't know whether to be grossed out or impressed! i'll stick with lucky.

    happy day tomorrow!

  4. Love Bon Jovi. Saw him in concert three years ago. It was awesome.

    Way to go on leg-shaving! I usually go from Oct-January/Februraryish. It's cozy. =)

  5. Saw your comment on Lois Lane's site...Frank Peretti scared the bejesus out of me too! I'm a big believer in spiritual warfare, and for days after I read "This Present Darkness" I felt the need to look over my shoulder for demons!

  6. Oh how this brought back memories. I love it!

  7. Yup, rocking song choices. I was just going to post You Give Love a Bad Name- I STILL love that song! I am with you on the leg shaving, though I have recently started producing a lot of chin stubble- not going to leave that till it is long enough to braid...

  8. We recently moved to a small(er) town. They have pretty much 0 for mailer choices. The postmaster said she tried to order various sizes of envelopes and the USPS just wont send them to her. I have to go 8 miles in the opposite direction to go to a PO with packaging choices. They are going to put themselves out of business! I am just going to buy the cheaper ones at Walgreens.


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