Friday, April 10, 2009

I love this time of year.
We celebrate Christ conquering death.
and PEEPS.
Good Friday is my least favorite day...I don't like dwelling on the HOW of Easter. I like the WHY.
Since today is the day he was beaten and hung on the cross, rejected and slandered, I'd rather talk about a tradition that has been going on in the Twin Cities for 5 maybe more years.
The Peep diorama contest in the Pioneer Press. (Our local paper).
I look forward to it all year long. The crazy things people come up with. I have always wanted to enter, but Hubby cringes at the sight of peeps. So touching them is out of the question and I would need help.
I also have something on my mind that I will post about later... I DVR'd a show yesterday, I can't watch it when the kids are around, especially that show. A talk show. I'm not saying the name because She probably has a room full of people scanning for blogs that talk about her. Her name starts with a vowel. I'll call her Circle. If you saw the show you KNOW what I'm talking about, if you didn't, you'll have to is Good Friday and we are NOT talking about that on Good Friday. Have mercy.

Here's a question?

WHY is it called Good Friday?


Is it because God made good on his promise?

Seriously, I want to know.

They call the Friday after Thanksgiving Black Friday, which I think would be more appropriate for today.
And tomorrow should be called SADDerday. He died today, on Black Friday and tomorrow would be sadder then today... (and yes I do know sad*der* is NOT a word)
Can you tell I haven't been sleeping. I could crash at 4 -5PM every DAY but who'd supervise the kids? Then 9PM rolls around and suddenly I can't sleep. It's annoying.

I almost FORGOT what I wanted to post...

The Peeps!

Some people do movies, or events that happened. I just love to see what they can and will do with the peeps.

Random question:

Do you eat the cheesy hash browns or Au Gratin potatoes with your Easter dinner?

Me: hash browns baby! yummy.

What's for dessert?

No, really what do you have for dessert?


  1. Gotta love the cheesy hashbrowns! Dessert for us is an Easter bonnet cake. No lie.

  2. have to say that I do not like peeps...I know I'm weird! I also do not like cadbury eggs.

    But..I LOVE cheesy hashbrown potatoes!!!! Can't have Easter dinner without them!!

    Haven't decided on dessert yet...because I am actually not cooking an Easter dinner this year. It is just the 4 of us and I told the fam I am not up to cooking a big meal for 4 people....I think we are going out to eat....this will be a first for us!

  3. i read this on my google reader the other day and your question is certainly a good one. why do we call it "good"?

    umm, the peeps...sorry...blech!

    have a wonderful day tomorrow sweet friend!

  4. cheesy hashbrowns. Dessert, anything is great! Peeps... cute, but gross!!!


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