Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Took One From the Pigeons.

Loosing a tooth is nothing new to Butter. She knocked one out and the other went completely back up into her gums after jumping on the bed,with something in her mouth and falling off the bed. That's the short version. I'm going to tell the long because I want it clarified I was NOT in charge at the time. (I also don't want S.S called on me.)
It was Rob's birthday June 24 2004. We were outside enjoying our company and BBQ. The girls, Butter and her cousin Delaney wanted to go inside and play. I said No. we were all outside and they needed an adult in the house to play in there. (They were 2 1/2 and 2 + 4 months) They needed supervision. My sister said she'd go in with them. Ok fine. Not 10 minutes later we hear blood curdling screams, then adult screaming about get rags...
See although Sherri entered the house at the same time she was not in the SAME area as the 2 year old children. I am a hands on, must be in view of child, will correct if needed, lay down the LAW kind of parent. Sherri is the, if it ain't crying it ain't dying, if it's quiet then good, kinda parent. My inner voice told me NOT to let Butter go inside...but I let the "oh what could happen looks from others" deceive me.
I rushed into the house. There was Sherri gasping "I don't know what happen!" blood is gushing from Butter's mouth and she's wailing and the other one, is meek in the corner. (All you mommy's know this look. It's the look the guilty one gets when they know they did something bad.)
You know how I know it was Delaney who was guilty. Because every time we'd go to Sherri's house guess who was always jumping on the bed, the couch, the chairs. Uh huh. And every time Butter would start, I would stop her body, place her on the floor, look her in the eye and say "We do not jump on furniture. You can get hurt that way. You are not allowed to do that. Understand?"
Nodding would follow and I'd only have to say it once. I'd never caught her doing it at home either. She knew her limits when Mommy was in charge.
At the time of the fall, we'd put a double bed in the extra bedroom, the girls had been told not to go in there when they arrived. I'm guessing Delaney asked if she could go in the bedroom. Sherri said yes. Off she went to jump on the bed. Whether Butter was on the bed or not can't be proved. What Sherri said was she found her on the floor bleeding with a toy in her mouth and Delaney was on the bed. I don't care HOW it happened. I care that I trusted Sherri to be watching the girls and she wasn't. I care that there was no discipline for the one ON the bed. I care that Butter was now going to have to be taken to the ER and we couldn't find the two teeth that were now bloody holes. I could hear the registering ringing up the bill. Party over.
I was pissed, firstly at me. Why didn't I just say it and MEAN it; NO. We are outside.
Then at the lack of discipline my sister has with her kids. After this particular day I discipline her kids when ever I'm around them. I don't care if she's standing next to me...I speak up.
Last summer, she lived in townhouse complex that had a pool. She spent most days here. We'd come every couple weeks because we lived so far away and it was a day trip to go. She'd let the 2 year old ride in his cozy coupe around the pool. The 4 year old in without life jacket, she could barely tip toe and the water was over her head in the shallow, cling to the side all the way around the pool. I was appalled. Do you realize that your children could drown when you flip through that magazine?
For me I needed to be IN the water with my kids and they both had life vests on.
And she'd wonder why I'd never let Butter sleep over there.
Am I judging?
Um, yeah I am.
Talking about that day brings it all up. I realize people do things differently. But coming from a background of Childcare there are many SAFE ways to do things and many lazy ways that are UNsafe. I am NOT and will NEVER plcae my children in the hands of someone I feel is uncapible of giving the kind of care I SEE FIT. If you don't make your child wash their hands after potty or before they eat, fine for you...your kids will get sick and mine won't be eating at your house. If you let your child run around in the street, fine Mine won't be able to play with yours. If you give your child something just because you want them to be quiet, ok, but that won't help in the long run. Kids THRIVE when the have LIMITS. Do we not thrive when we live in the limits God set for us?
I realize kids don't come with manuals, but seriously, there are those "special" people that should be required to take classes.
Heck, you have to pass a test to drive a car, need a license to hunt or fish. You have to take classes and pass tests to do any other kind of job because you need a diploma!
But anyone can be a parent. Hey, you have to jump through hoops and pass things to adopt a child right?
So why is this not required of bio parents? You know a in home study that must be completed before your 9th month and then every year you have a new one because ages change, needs change, safety requirements change and you might have questions. They can show you how to discipline. How cool would it be to have Super Nanny stop in and give you a little refresher? I'd love it. Could she cook while she was here too? I'd learn better if I could forgo all the daily grind and just soak up her knowledge.

I am so off track from what I was originally posting today!!!

This is what happens when I've spent HOURS cooking and baking in the kitchen and it's not even dinner time but I was preparing for dinner, because Rob's folks are coming and Dad likes steak and potatoes. So fancy Sara had to make twice baked for Dad. And he loves my chocolate chip cookies. Which didn't turn out properly. And OOH I get so mad when that happens because they take SO long to make! Hours in the kitchen! Stupid new oven!
We've had our first NICE day in a week so I sent the kids outside and the crying began shortly after. Roo puts on this big show of crying and squealing, gets to the door and "turns it off" cause he KNOWS I won't listen to him while he's crying like that...the fake stuff... ""
Stay away from her then.
Goes back out, comes back crying..."She won't listen..."
I can see her out there acting smug and "watching the house" to see if I'm going to say anything.
I sure do. I holler out there.
In they both come...and off to bed. They are crabby buggers. They've been late to bed two nights in a row. First Nana was here. Then last night we watched Bolt. It got long for them. Roo needed a nap so bad. He is sleeping as I type this; thank goodness, cause Nana and Papa are coming for dinner and it's bath night. It's going to be a late nighter again.

Back to Bolt. Have you seen it? Oh, goodness it was good. I loved the talking pigeons and Rhino the hamster. I WANT a talking hamster. They are funny. Laugh till your stomach hurts, pee your pants funny. Why didn't God make talking hamsters?
And the pigeons, so there are New York pigeons and California pigeons...they talk so different. Different slang and names. There was Vinny, Bobby and Joey from New York and Seth,
It was a great movie.

The real reason for this post is Butter officially lost a tooth.
It had been loose a long long time, I'd wiggle it when ever she'd sit by me. (which wasn't as often as I'd like)
I said "Butter, it time to get this out." The other one was coming up behind it!
So I turned and pulled! Turned and pulled.
I really think she remembers loosing the other one cause she is panicky and scared when it comes to her teeth.
I turned and pulled 'er out and she bled! Phew, did she bleed.
And of course Butter was crying hysterically. She wouldn't let me near her mouth! (don't blame her.) Once I got her to stop crying and take some drinks of water, the bleeding stopped and she could see her new tooth RIGHT there waiting for the spot. She is happy now.
I made her a tooth fairy box to put her tooth in and she woke up to a crisp dollar. She keeps asking when the others are going to come out. Here's the pictures:

I'm going to go watch some Oprah and have a Cherry Pepsi now. I need a break from all this...what would you call it...rambling? Grumbling? Whatever you know what I mean...


  1. you are so funny!

    love the tooth fairy box..that is so cute!!

    as for the oven...with a new one, you really need an oven therm. It takes a while for them to calibrate and sometimes you have to have the guy come out and fix it.

  2. LOL! You are too hilarious!

    I would have been pissed, too, girl! You are so right, too. Hubby and I have already discussed who will watch our future kids...and his parents aren't on the list. And I hate that, I really do, because I want our kids to know their family, but we both agreed that our kids' safety is a priority. Not that they won't get to SEE their family, but no overnight or unsupervised trips. Heck, as a kid, my mom was so overprotective that I rarely spent the night with relatives -- and I'm thankful for that because I know my parents were careful, even in their own families, of who I spent unsupervised time with.

  3. Look at that tiny baby tooth!

    I'm with you girl - I like to have my baby supervised at all times, maybe I do go overboard but sometimes you just can't be too careful.

    We saw Bolt last week at the dollar theater, and it was really cute! Maybe a little long for Savannah, but hey, we enjoyed it!

  4. LOVED Bolt!

    Our family drama story involves an aunt forcing my 21 and 10 month old kiddos, who were terrified of any animal especially noisy ones, to sit on the floor in the middle of 5 loudly barking dogs. Even our Pediatrician said that was a bad idea, I quote, "that is a pack of dogs and any adult on eye level would be scared." Thank you very much!


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