Tuesday, March 31, 2009

O Baby's Baby Picture Carnival

Rachel over at In His Hands is having a baby pic carnival... I was not a cute infant. I was bald as a cue ball. Narrow face and bald. Plus there aren't many pictures of me where I wasn't crying or had my finger in my mouth. I was a finger sucker, till I was about 8. Wasn't surprised at all when at three mouths old my daughter began sucking her thumb. She work really hard and was able to be thumb free before she turned six. (I'm so proud of her.) She'll still need braces.
I chose a picture that I thought captured my personality best, and I look darn cute in. I've posted the screaming uglies before...not today.
Meet 3 year old Sara:She likes dresses and purses and she likes to dance. She doesn't like being told what to do, and please don't brush her hair she'll bite. It was shortly after this picture was taken that I believe Mother cut all my hair off and made me look like a boy. I'm also sure she wasn't one of those Mother's that delicately brushed her daughters hair and that's why I bit. Or maybe I just didn't like people touching my hair, my sister pulled it a lot, maybe that's why I bit.
It's funny how this one picture brings things back, like the fact the I'd bite people if they went near my hair. (Why haven't I remember that before now?)
Maybe It's because I recognize that face, I look like I'm getting ready to bite the photographer.
But see I'm still cute. Strawberry hair and all!
Oh, and that bracelet you see, that is my ID tag. Yes, it has my name and address on it in case I "got lost". What was my Mom THINKING!?!?!
I do have to say I did go for walks that did lead to other blocks and sometimes couldn't find my way home. I was only out to feed myself. I mean I just wanted a cookie.
Knock knock
Who's there?
Oh, a cute little girl with strawberry hair...
"Can I have a cookie?"
"You want a cookie? Where's your mommy?"
"At home. Cookie?"
One time I found myself in a policeman's car. He was driving around trying to find my house to return me.
"This your house?" He'd ask.
He'd take me to the door, knock knock
"Is this your daughter?"
"Why no."
"Can I have a cookie?"
Back in the car, I'd eat my cookie, he'd ask again.
"This your house?"
"Yep." mouth still full of cookie I'd say.
Knock knock
"This your kid?"
"Can I have a cookie?"
back in the car. "Look kid, this isn't cookie run. Where do you live?"
I'd hold out my arm. He'd look at me and shake his head. "I don't have any cookies!"
I'd shrug and we'd continue on. He took me to the station and they waited for a call about a missing child, took me home and my mom said "Did you check her arm? She has a bracelet!"
"I thought she was asking for a cookie!"
This happened at least 3 times and by the third time they knew where I'd come from, I was the "cookie kid."
Yeah, and I'd go out trick or treating a week ahead of time too to make sure I got the goods.
The only time I remember NOT getting a cookie was when I met my friend Jody's Mom.
I knocked, asked for cookie and she didn't have any.
(Who doesn't have cookies?)
"Do you have any kids then?"
"No sorry, but I do have banana Popsicles."
Yeh, they couldn't get rid of me. I've been eating there Popsicles for 32 years now.
I really hope my children don't take after me on this one!
I'm adding a picture of Rob as a sweet one year old. He had hair. Light hair, which now is really really dark. He had the cutest brown eyes. Neither one of our kids resemble him as a infant.

And his legs just grew...he has these long skinny legs. Far cry from the chunk he had back then. He was well fed. Which is weird too he doesn't like food. He likes beer, the darker the better.
Maybe He never wanted to give up the bottle?
Looking back at these was fun. I can totally see both my kiddos in my picture, but if you were to see the kids next to their Dad you'd say they look more like him. I am fascinated at how these munchkins look and act like us.
Does anyone have a cookie?


  1. So cute! Great story! I could go for a cookie!

  2. I love that strawberry blond hair! You're adorable :)

  3. Wow! You were mischievous. That word doesn't even do that story justice. You were somethin! :)

    So fun! You were both adorable!

  4. oh man sara, you had me in stitches on this one. HILARIOUS. no wonder you are such a sweet friend...bwhahah! sweet=cookie...okay never mind. what i want to know is what you were about to say in that baby photo of yours...i can see it on the tip of your tongue. hmm, probably cookie, right?

  5. Adorable pictures and loved the story too. :)

  6. You guys are so cute!

    And there is NOTHING WRONG with bald baby girls! :) I think they are the most precious things!

  7. OH my goodness!!! The ID tag thing made me snort diet coke!!

  8. That is hilarious! Now I'm hungry. ;-)

    You were an adorably sweet 3 year old. Cute cute cute.

    Thanks for joining in!

  9. So funny! What a kid you were! You are both cuties just like your kids!

  10. Heh! Maybe if you'd been asking for donuts, the police man would have let you hang out longer.

  11. Greetings, I stopped over from Rach's to see your pics and found a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing. I'm doing the project 365 too. I like your photos. Blessings, SusanD

  12. Somehow I have trouble believing that you were not a cute baby, girl. :) But the pic you posted is PRECIOUS.


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