Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The one where I'm tempted.

I'm tempted to want one of these:
With a view like this:So I can ride this:

So Rob and I can do this:
So when we get where we're going this will be waiting:
So after our pinic we'll do this:

So when the sun goes down we'll do this:
So that will lead to this:
And I'm tempted to want all these things because I bought these:
And This:

The color is called High Maintenance. Hmmp, guess I know what happens when you put it on your toes.


  1. what a cute post! more importantly, where did you get those flops???? were you able to take bake the doozies i got you?!? i sure hope so! i'm lovin' the name of the nail color...how appropriate!

  2. I love all your wishes - and the flip flops too!

  3. Girl, we have the same temptations! :)

  4. This post is so adorable. I love it. Now I want all that too :)

  5. That all sounds good to me too...sign me up. Nail polish does that to me too - I bought one from O.P.I called "You Don't Know Jacque" and it makes me want to go on a shopping spree in NYC!

  6. girl, I have the same wishes!!! anything by the beach!!!

    and those shoes look comfy!!

  7. New flip flops are a great reason for a trip to the beach! ;)

  8. If I were holding hands with my hubby while biking, I would fall off. ;)


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