Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The one where I ask...

I'm begining to love Wednesdays.
Ok let's see what crazy questions I can come up with.

  1. Have you ever had an experience you couldn't explain? Lights go out in your house for no reason, were nearly strunk by know SOMETHING you can't explain.

My answer:

  1. I've got a few, but I'll share the one that amazed me the most. Last June, Rob and I were watching horse racing. I love horse racing. The front door was open and windows. I started smelling a sweet smokey smell. It became really intense. I asked "Do you smell that?"

"Smell what?"

I couldn't believe he couldn't smell that I was nearly choking on it. Then right when I was going to get mad at him for being so clueless this "thought" bounced in my brain.

Pipe smoke it's pipe smoke. Instantly I said "Did your grandpa smoke a pipe?"

Rob looked at me like what the...we're watching horse racing and you are asking me about this?


Bouncey bouncey. Melvin.

"Grandpa Melvin?"

Finally he looks at me full on serious. "Yes, Melvin..."

He's watching me. I have know idea what I look like I'm doing, but I "feel" something bouncing in my brain and as soon as it clicks it's out my mouth.

"What's today?"


"Know something about the day. Date. When's his birthday? Ruth's? "

CLICK. Anniversary.

While I was firing questions he was confirming or denying the info. I shot up off the couch and ran for the steps. We have a journal downstairs from G'ma and G'pa Cox telling how they met and of their life together. The date will be in there.

There it is. June 6.

I run back upstairs, breathless.

"Rob, it's June 6. Today is their anniversary."

He's watching me still. I'm smiling like I just solved some big mystery or puzzle or something.

"Yeah, AND?"

He still was wondering what the HECK all THAT was about.

"Oh, He just wanted us to know he's here and says..." I pause "listening" to the's fading and all I get is Hello.

"He just wanted to say Hi."

As soon as I say that, the smell is gone and the bouncing thoughts are gone and I suddenly want to watch the race again. All the while I hadn't even THOUGHT about what I was doing before the smell, but once it came that is all my head could concentrate on. It was one of the most bazaar things to happen to me. Can't explain it. (What you should know: I've never met Melvin. Didn't know much about him or what he looked like. He died years before I met Rob. I knew he was a man of little words, which makes sense why he only said Hello. Never knew about the pipe and from Rob's reaction I gather he had long forgotten about it and was surprised I'd ask such a question. He wanted me to tell his Dad about what happened. I said "No way, he'll think I'm crazy, would YOU believe what that if I told you about it? "

He said "Sara, I SAW it happen and you were weird. You should tell Dad."

So I told Dad. He sat there for a minute and before I gave him the "punch line" The DATE. He stopped and said "Maw" Then I said it was their anniversary. I could see he was mentally checking his facts. I also could see he was very moved. I then said "He just wanted to say Hi."

So now the Cox family asks the "operator" if there's been any calls. Ahem.

Ok your turn...


  1. wow! that is a very cool story.

    hmmmmmm....I honestly can't think of anything like that that I can't explain!

  2. you have the coolest stories about your life. wow sara...awesome one!

  3. Wow, what a story. I don't have any stories like that.

  4. What a story! Thank you for sharing it. Also, thank you for filling me in on the Sonic's in MN. I'll have to let me family know when they visit the cities. We live in Idaho right now, but am so happy Sonic moved it's way north. I can't wait to check out more of your blog. Take care (from a fellow Minnesotan)!

  5. I have LOTS of things I can't explain....but most of them scary and we will stay away from all of that, lol. However, I found your story rather interesting.


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