Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The one about magic wands and wishes.

Do you ever wish you had a magic wand. Wave it and your house would be pristinly clean. You'd hear the little ting and see a sparkle pop before your eyes...
Wave it and your bank account would have a nice savings net and never again would you have to wait till payday to go get some milk, eggs and bread!
Oprah's garden fairy would leave a basket of fresh fruits and vegtables for you everyday. (Just like it apparently does for her.)
Or conger up a reliable nice paying job for your Husband.
Or be able to stop sass before it came out thus banishing quick tempers FOREVER.
Meals would magically appear on the table and be healthy and DELICIOUS.
Never again worry about weeds in your lawn, or bees making hives, or ticks...
Your dog's poo would disappear into the soil making the lawn green and lush.
I don't know about you, but I am wanting one of those SO badly right now.
I'm really getting a work out on my positive attitude test here.
Rob just told me they are closing shop on Fridays. Hours lost, means paycut. No biggy, everyone is feeling the crunch right? Still stings though. My fear is ramping up...Rob works for his uncle. His uncle can't decide whether or not to retire. He built the business (with a partner) from the ground up. He made a GREAT living. He's still doing well for himself. I'm not going "there". I need to keep it a bay. (I have jealousy issues. It would be so much easier for me if it wasn't his uncle and I didn't "see" &"hear" about it like I do.)
It has been Rob's dream/goal to take over running Metro after the guys retire. Eventually wanting to buy them out. He's been there 18 years now, worked his way up and is now the head/big cheese/the one everyone goes to with problems when the Bosses are off doing whatever it is they do when they are not in the office or state or country. Ahem.
They have an office of four, count them 4 people. Couple service guys, couple sales guys. Most of the people in the company are related to the bosses. Which makes it harder to swallow.
During the summer months Fridays became half days, I'm guessing someone liked golfing. Then when things slowed down two years ago, half-Fridays went year round. Today they have decided to close on Fridays. (Cool for me, I'm a SAHM. Why am I not jumping for JOY?)
'Member I told you I see things. I'm not liking what I'm seeing. In more ways then one here.
What Rob does at Metro is a hodge podge of things, it's not one skill set. Finding a new job would be difficult at best. I know this because a few years back Rob talked to his Uncle about his goals and that he was very interested in running things when he retired. Rob was given a "that's great, I'm not planning on going anywhere soon, we'll talk again as it gets closer." speech. Then He left for his 5 month stay in Naples, FL. (oops that slipped out) Leaving Rob to just test the waters by putting his resume out there. All that came back were insurance company's wanting him to sell insurance. INSURANCE! You know the stuff everyone pays through the nose for and never get what they need from it, and without it the bottom drops out and with it well, you get what I'm saying.
Needless to say; I don't feel like my Husband and his dreams are being taken seriously. I see him being the work horse that does it all and then some only to be put to pasture when the farmer gets through farming.
Rob has a GREAT attitude. He doesn't see that happening, they've always got work coming in, things will pick up...The guy is never a downer. EVER.
That's why I love him so deeply too.

I want my thoughts to be clear! Positive! But man, am I feeling a wee bit selfish.
I want Rob's dreams to come true. I WANT him to be successful. To be Fulfilled by his work, then come home and have his heart filled up by his family, so he can go back to work and pour it into his career. What wife doesn't want that for her man?
As for me, I don't know what I want. I've only ever wanted to be a mom, and we ALL know you don't get paid FOR THAT! At least not in money we can use to pay our bills, I don't think the mortgage company would take hotdish and pan of brownies as payment for June.
Too bad, I can really cook and bake it up. I can also paint a mean toenail, give a good foot rub and stamp a pretty card. I can sooth an owie, scare away monsters and make you laugh by dancing.
I can build a fort, play four square and hopscotch. I'm pretty good at finding the deals and budgeting.
So you tell me, do you think I can get a cushy job with the Feds cause it sounds like some of them bankers need a good babysitter who can discipline set limits and be consistent. I'm can do ALL that and make some caramel corn.
Yeah, so to the person or fairy that took my wand, I'd like it back now; I got some magic to perform!
Or better yet give me my three wishes. I'll make it simple. I just need ONE. Bring Jesus back, Grant that wish and EVERY problem in the world is fixed. Just like that. Jesus, aren't you ready yet? I'll make you some caramel corn and hotdish.


  1. I can so relate - especially with the hubby working so hard, being so faithful and not getting the recognition I feel he deserves. As you said, I so want to see him fulfilled in his work. I know alot of his indetinty is directly related to his work.

    But that is what I want for him, and God knows so much better.

    These certainly are tough times as far as jobs go.

    I'd like me some of that magic wand too Sara. :)

  2. A wand sounds great :)

    I sort of want an invisibility cloak so I can take a day for nobody but MYSELF where no one else can find me...I can think, read, enjoy quiet, and answer only to me. That sounds good too.

    Your man sounds great. I'm sure his hard work will pay off!

  3. Feeling some of that myself today....where is that stinkin' wand?!!!


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