Saturday, May 9, 2009

The one about Moms.

I got the short end of a long stick when it comes to Mothers.
I'm not sure what or when it happened.
I'm not going to talk much about it.
It makes me sad. But so many other things make me HAPPY.
I got lucky when I married my husband. HE is a wonderful man. He loves me for who I am and despite the hormones. Ahem.
My mother in law is a special lady. It took a few years and good ole dose of Sara says. And we've become quite close.
(I'm not trying to sound cocky or disrespectful. She and I had things we needed to discuss in order to move forward. I'm not a sweep under the rug type or ignore the elephant type.)
What I admire about WOMEN:
Is their ability to NURTURE.
That is what God made us for.
To care for others.
It doesn't have to be that you gave birth or have children to be celebrated on Mother's day.
You are a WOMAN.
And THAT'S what I celebrate on Mother's day.
I would be awfully sad if I only celebrated Mothers on this day.
I don't talk to mine. She doesn't talk to me. It's SAD.
But I DO know lots of women that nurture loved ones everyday!
They even nurture me with the words they write in their blogs!
So for me Mother's day isn't about the fact that I'm a Mother, or have a mother or like my mother in law, it's about being a woman and following my instincts to care about, and care for those around me and whom I love.
I hope that where ever you are this weekend you think about what it is to be a WOMAN, not just what is means to be a Mother. Because if you are reading this, I'm thinking about you, not because you gave birth to me. Or raised me. You are women who give freely of advice and kindness, laughter and wisdom. I am celebrating THAT instead.
Love & Blessings


  1. I love this, Sara! You hit the nail on the head!

  2. celebrating with you too!!

  3. Thanks for the encouraging words...Enjoy the day!

  4. what a sweet way of putting it! everyone CAN enjoy the day, regradless of their circumstances!

    Happy Woman Day to you too!

    I am WOMAN, here me ROAR!


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