Friday, May 1, 2009

The one wear I need to catch up.

It is May already, and I feel like I've missed something.
The snow is GONE for good now, the weather is slowly warming. Butter asked me why "if the sun is still out at bedtime, is it still bedtime." (7:30PM)
Mmm, yeah, yeah it is still bedtime.
They don't seem to get it either.
I went from freezing most days to wearing tank tops around the house because I'm sweating through the everyday cleaning.
I find myself dreaming of riding the tractor again, and wearing my big sunhat and always smelling like a pina colada.
My grass is greening up the dandelions are poised for attack and I'm still on MARCH time.
You know, lazy spring days where your wishing for good weather and cursing snow and dreaming of the flowers you want to plant, forgetting about all the work it is to remember to water them and deadhead them and weed the veg tables growing in the garden. As the time comes to start planting I realize "Hey, wait a minute, I'm not quite ready yet. I need dirt and fertilizer and new gloves and why on earth did I dig THAT hole last fall I want grass there!"
It is May.
That means my Son will be done with his first year of preschool on the 22. And Butter will be soon ending her first year of Elementary school.
I sware I was just changing both their diapers and wishing for the days when one could go to preschool for half the day.
It is May.
Animals are breeding and cats are hunting and dogs that no longer have a pet door option at night go poopys in the house to prove a point. They are not happy with the pet door being locked on them at night.
It is May.
May means a nasty fight with allergies. Ticks. Wasps trying to nest.
May means summer is just around the corner and like it or not I'm going to have to get very creative with how we spend our days.
May means tulips and daffodils and lilacs...
Picnics. Bonfires again.
Flip flop days and sweatshirt nights.
Ok it's May, I think I can catch up...


  1. I know what you mean, girl. SO much to do....but oh, SO happy that it's warm and sunny and breezy and beautiful.

    Happy May Day! :-)

  2. ahhhh, yes it's May! and what happened to March and April???? i guess it's time to take the Easte stuff down and prepare for warmer weather! although my heat did just kick on...not to warm here yet! mother nature sure doesn't even know how to catch up anymore either!

    Happy May Day!

  3. hold on as i take my eyeballs out and dry them off or itch them insanely...hmm, allergies? i live in the arm pit of the worst place for doc told me when we moved here.

    i like the thought of bonfires & tank tops MUCH more!

  4. well, I think our weather decided it was still has been raining for DAYS!!!!


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