Thursday, May 28, 2009

The one with songs for making your butt happy.

I'm not really hip when it comes to pop culture. I get my info from ET (Entertainment Tonight) and magazine covers I see while waiting in line at the store.
I don't keep track of the top 40 or listen to rap or hip hop or pop...
Is there a new style of music now? Like Hipporap?
I don't even know.
What I do know is that over time I eventually hear a song, that at first irritates me at best and I can't find a single reason WHY people would choose to listen to such, um, crap.

Sometimes, when I'm on itunes, I'll click over and listen to what the top downloads are. You know, just to keep up with the youth. (I don't ever want to be caught off guard, uncool and all)
Beyonce' is a mystery to me, she's very lovely, she has a decent voice, but the lyrics to her songs. I'm just not that into.
Then I heard 'Single Ladies'
Didn't like it, she's hooking up with another guy in the club cause she had to wait 3 years for her boyfriend to appreciate her; only after he finds her "dancing" with another guy.
She says to the guy "If you liked it you should've put a ring on it. Don't be mad if you see that he wants it, cause if you liked it should've put a ring on it."
Once I "found" the lyrics I laughed. It reminded me of my youth, and how it was only after we had broken up and I had moved on that my "loves" wanted me back. LAUGHABLE.
Then I got hooked on the beat. It is my FAVORITE song to walk to. Seriously, I have to pin my arms down to keep from all out shake-booty-dance-walk as I'm going down the street.

When Rob and I are in the car together I give him range over the music, we have different tastes so I'm always courteous to give him a choice. We were out together last Friday, and I asked what should we listen to? He said "I don't care, you pick this time."
Okay, I will.
I picked my on-the-go mix. It's the songs I enjoy walking to cause they get me pumped. Guess what the first song is?
Single Ladies.
The first note barley makes it out of the speakers when he's rolling his eyes and shaking his head and saying "no no no." Like he's being tortured and can take NO more.
I smile and start singing. Loudly. I encourage him to dance along, you know get your hand up and twist it back and forth like she does when she sings this song. To my shock and amazement he plays along. It was the most fun I've had in a car since High school and the nights we girls would go cruising. Honey, thank you for being a good sport through not one, not two but THREE as he calls them "hippityhop rap crap" songs. I love you.

If you watched American Idol at all this year you were exposed to some of the "new" stars of music.
Lady Gaga.
Lady what?
Don't ask, I don't know.
I've heard three of her songs.
Two have good beats. I'm still trying to understand the lyrics.
It's really hard to lolly gag to a Lady Gaga song. It requires a fast pace, therefore gets my butt in gear. I no longer view my walking as a way to lose weight, I see it as my catwalk perfection process.
And if you live by me, pay no attention to the lady who looks like she's swatting flies while she's strutting or leg flicking. It's just me getting in tune with my inner popstar.
I think I'll be ready to go clubbing again real soon, if I can just find a hoochie shirt that is appropriate for a 30 something SAHmom!
If you want to hear the song, scroll down and turn on playlist. I put on a couple others that make my butt happy too.


  1. HA! I have Beyonce's Single Ladies and Halo on my ipod, love running to both. And Just Dance by Lady Gaga. Ben heard it and said "is this about what I think it's about" and I said's for the beat honey ;)

  2. You are light years ahead of me!!! my son talked about a group he saw this week....yea, no clue!

  3. You are so FUN!!! I love to work out to Lady Gaga, All American Rejects, Fergie, Aerosmith...I got lotsa workout mixes if ya ever want a copy!

  4. those are a few of my favs too! the 'single ladies' song is one i have had on my MP3 for a while now...i'm getting a bit bored of it. "pa-pa-pa poker face" is now my FAVORITE! i can run and run on the treadmill with that one going. i don't pay so much attention to the words, it's definetly for the beat. the words make absolutely no sense and i don't have time to try and figure out what the heck she's talking about!

    oh yeah...the new Jesse McCartney song is really good, too. it's called 'how do you sleep'. it's got a great beat for your bum!

  5. HAHA! Okay, I have a funny story about Lady Gaga. I cannot STAND her music (ESPECIALLY "Poker Face" -- I want to jam a pencil in my eye...or maybe ears...) and one day her song came on the radio, and my hubby said, "What's the big fascination with her?" And without blinking, I said, "Oh, you didn't know? She's a tranny."

    He BELIEVED me for over TWO WEEKS!! I seriously didn't give it another thought, because, honestly, who WOULD believe that?? And he said one day he was watching her video and thinking, "Wow, they did a really good surgery on her." He went to look her up and...surprise, surprise, he found out I had played a huge prank on him. HAHAHA!!! So now that's like our big joke whenever we hear one of her songs.

  6. I have to admit that I like to groove to a few of Beyonce's songs...

  7. Oh, my GOSH, GIRL! I can barely breathe! My children are practically begging me to put them to bed and I keep swatting them away so that I could finish reading this post ... HYSTERICAL!! I just love the humor within your soul. You absolutely made my night!!!!
    :) Jenn


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