Saturday, May 30, 2009

The one about a brew fight.

It is a gorgeous Saturday here in MN. Butter and I did some girl shopping. I had a shower gift to get and she was invited to a birthday tea party. So where are the boys?
Well, one of Rob's old college roommates is in town and they went to the Summit Brewery. To watch how they make beer. I made him take Roo. See, when Rob was leaving, Roo was crying Daddy I go too. Daddy I go too. Rob was saying "No buddy."
I thought it over. Why? Why couldn't he go. He is a good listener, especially away from his sister. Rob could use this as an opportunity to bond with him AND show his buddy what a sweet boy he has.
I put my foot down and said "You need to take him. You are not explaining yourself to him and all he knows is that you don't want him with you."
Rob wasn't happy about it. To be honest he was a bit nasty about it. I know it's sounding gossipy, stick with me...
I called him on his attitude. Normally, I'd just stew in it, not say anything and be mad and cold at him till he apologized after maybe a day, day and a half of no conversation from me. (I can revert back to middle school, and it's completely ridiculous.)
So I called him out on it. Explained that there was a pride thing going on in him and he was hurting his son, and there for hurting me too.
Rob made plans to hang out alone all day and then we'd (Me and the kids) would hook-up with him later so he could show us off. We normally don't go out to eat with the kids. They get antsy, they don't eat what they order and for me I'd rather not go if we have to bring the kids. They don't have a good time getting yelled at to sit still and I feel like the meanest mom ever...
I asked Rob if instead they come over for dinner here, that way they get to see use all, I can make something the kids will eat and when they are done they are free to go. That was NOT his plan.
As he left he said to me: "Well, I just hope he can get in!" Meaning in the brewery. He was very grumpy.
Butter asked "Why is daddy so crabby?"
Normally, my kids are asking Daddy why I'm so crabby!
I told her he didn't want to bring anybody with him. She said "He never wants to bring us with?"
Yes, that thought too had crossed my mind and it is exactly why I insisted he take Roo and why I said it was a pride issue.
About ten minutes after he left; the phone rang. I thought "great, he's bringing the kid back."
He called to apologize. Which isn't surprising, Rob's good at that, it's just the swiftness in his mind needing to apologize. I was happy that he quickly saw what I was seeing and remedied it. I've gotten two calls now, about how much they are enjoying the day. And THAT makes me happy.
Now I'm off to go find something to make for dinner, turns out he liked that idea as well.
It's good to be a smart sensible woman. Wink wink.

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  1. some times we just need to be force fed, don't we? and after it's done we realize how good it tasted!!

    have a great evening!


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