Friday, June 26, 2009

Break up is hard to do...

I've been hit by a blog drought.
I am busy working on One Summer's Past.
Doing my darndest to get it written and readable.
It has taken on a life of it's own. I only wanted to tell a story of one summer, based on real events. But Kate has evolved into some one apart from who she was orignally.
Crazy who that can happen.
Plus, I've been hit by a good ole dose of Mommy guilt.
Seems I need to be spending more time outside melting, I mean playing instead of holed up at the computer.
Oh, don't you worry I'm still going to be lurking around, just more on Facebook. Look me up if you want to be my friend. :)
I'm in for Rachel's wedding picture carnival, and I'll post Chapter 5 soon.
Have ya'll been watching Impact, the mini series on Sunday nights, where the moon was hit by a meteor and is now on a colission course with earth???
Good stuff! I love this kind of thing.
It is a fictional and fiction can get, because I know that Jesus has to come back before the earth can be wiped out.
Which brings me to Wipe Out. do you watch that? People wiping out from giant balls, or beams or spinning poles? This is one hour of TV we enjoy laughing at. Hilarious.
Oh, and the Jonas show. We can't decide who we like better, Nick, Joe or Kevin. It changes daily.
Talk to you all real soon!
I'll be the one who is half melted and lobster like!!


  1. we love Wipeout at our house and are usually all 5 of us laughing out loud!!!

  2. Have fun with the kids! I'll find ya on facebook!

  3. We've watched Wipeout, fun and funny! Have you ever watched I Survived A Japanese Gameshow? TOO funny! The kids love it!


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