Thursday, June 25, 2009

Remembering MJ

I can remember one of the first album I ever bought.
Michael Jackson's Thriller.
I sit here thinking how can it be that he'll never sing again for us?
Don't get me wrong, he did get a little strange, but one thing always remained pure.
His music, his voice, his talent.
Say what you will about his surgeries or his trials and finances, you just can't touch his talent.
I am sad, to here that his life ended so suddenly and so young.
I am dedicating this post to MJ, who gave me so many loves to love, songs to dance to, songs to vocalize my feelings better then I ever could.
Michael, I hope that some day I will not only hear you sing again, but sing out with you.


  1. Small world.... I have a friend who was working on his new tour. They were 8 days out from the first show.

  2. kinda makes me feel like some of my own childhood is now gone...from so many memories that had a song or two in the background from him. sad, sad day.

  3. Beyond shocking! Odd is explaining who he was, and what he ment to me as a kid. It's been a bit sad watching his videos today.

  4. Sad stuff. Yesterday, I had "Heal the World" in my head ALL afternoon long.


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