Thursday, June 4, 2009

The one about a canopy.

Today I attempted to put up our canopy thingy we bought a year and a half ago.
It did not go so well, It nearly fell on me twice.
I got it standing, but now I have no idea how to get the top on it. I'm short. I need a ladder and about three other people.
I'm sure my neighbors are having a good laugh over the whole thing.
I guess I'll be using my trusty umbrella for shade today!


  1. what?! no video of this!!! :)

  2. I'm with Sara, we need video! :)

  3. Ha! A video would've been hilarious.

    Last week I was walking out to get our mail and ran smack into a low-hanging branch. I yelled out and then realized that anyone watching must have gotten a good chuckle. :-)

  4. naa...a video would take too long, how about giving butter the camera next time! how's it feel to have bloggy friends who laugh WITH YOU? of course not at you. poor thing.


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