Thursday, June 11, 2009

The one where I can't make up my mind...

Starting from scratch pains me. I can not believe I had an attack of conscience that literally would not allow me to sleep until I rectified it.
Now I'm "third" thought "ing" deleting those first 5 posts. Why shouldn't I post MY thoughts and this blog not called INTERPRET Sass???
Argh, I can't figure it out, then last night I had an attack again, not to post THESE parts.
I want to tell this STORY! I want to make it a story worth telling...I'm going to BOOK it.
I'll call it fiction, No Greenwood Terrace. NO, A Summer To Remember...end it with like a twist, so readers will think it's fiction, some would be of course....
Hmmm, I'm liking THAT idea.
Now I need names...
I need a new language, it'd be to obvious using the original...
Alright girls, (and boys if there are any of you reading this) I'm gonna do it.
Lois, be my grammar police would ya? Just in case I really want to sell it. (Yeah, right.)

Before I go into fiction I wanted to post some pictures.

This is the house I lived in. (please excuse the pink cardstock sploches, it was been in a scrapbook for 15+years) I loved the sound of the screen door slamming, it meant something was about to happen. I loved the four flights of stairs it took to get from the street to my room or visa versa. I loved that I could here the ocean through the skylights in my room. I loved the people that lived across the street from me.

This is Ylfa (Ill-VA), her smile was infectious. Her laughter erased all your cares. Her spunk made you fiercely protective and her touch comforted the worst pain. (I had ambushed her with this picture, she was painting a house to earn some money, they all hated when I'd try to take pictures. This day she was being really annoying, her hair a mess, her clothes ratty from painting, didn't matter to me I wanted at least ONE picture with her where she was looking at the camera and smiling.) And then we have Solvi(Saul-VEE). Stink weed. He would grump when his mother would call him in at night to shower. Again, they never can take a "nice" picture. We were headed to the beach, in the jeep. There was nothing, NOTHING I liked more the driving around that summer in this jeep. Top and doors off, wind on your face, sun on your skin.

I suddenly here CATS...Memories...da da dadada da da...

And then I know y'all have been waiting on this one. This is Tjorvi (chair-VEH). This is the only close up I have of him. He would run when he saw I had my camera. He couldn't run this day. This was the day he left. The day he couldn't look me in the eyes. Hands in his pockets, no touching. It was just too painful. Brings tears to my eyes to look at this picture, I know what happened just the night before, I know that he was trying to sneak away without having this moment, I know that had I never had this moment, as hard as it was, It would have devastated me.

Fiction is coming soon.


  1. Ok, I know I have missed several days of reading blogs (crazy here) but I am totally LOST. Now I have to go back through all the posts!!! See, I hate it when I don't have time to read up!!!

  2. sorta lost too. bummer. will catch up when i'm settled. but for now....those haircuts look all too familiar from those days!

  3. i think i've missed some important posts :(

    love, love, love that old house!!!

  4. Love the house, and your friend's smile truly does look infectious.

  5. I'm way Lost too, can I get the Cliff Notes? I've just got to know more now! That house is incredible. I didn't know you grew up by the ocean. Must.Know.More. about Tjorvi.



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