Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It's WEDNESDAY! Here we go.

  1. Did you ever have a summer love? Do tell.
  2. What is your favorite ice cream treat?
  3. What SPF are you using?
  4. Have you ever lost your top because you were doing something fun or crazy?

Summer. GOOD TIMES. I have that song Redneck yacht club on the brain....

My answers:

  1. Ummm, shya. I'm trying to write the story for y'all.
  2. Dairy queen cappuccino heath bar blizzard extra toppings!
  3. 50. plus glasses, and hat.
  4. nope, this award goes to my sister. My dad took us tubing down the river. (You ride lazily down the current with your butt in the middle of an inner tube.) He let Sherri and her friends (16 at the time) drink. ALCOHOL. She was ripped by the time we got to the rapids. Fell out of her tube! nearly drown herself because she couldn't find UP. When she did finally put her feet down and STAND, her top was around her waist and she was crying for "daddy". I will NEVER forget watching my dad try to yank her top up and haul her soaky butt out of the river. While a good 100 people watched. And he was yelling "Get the BEER! get the BEER!" (the cooler had tipped over too.) I should have got the camera. got the camera!!!!!!


  1. 1. Hmm, I guess so, but nothing noteworthy.

    2. Cherry dipped cone at DQ. My word that sounds good for dinner.

    3. About that... yeah, um, none. Which is weird since I bought sunscreen and hats for all three of my kiddos while they're at daycare and rarely even let them wear tank tops. Oxygen on a plane strikes again.

    4. Nope, never. But I laughed so hard at your answer I cried. Cried! Sigh, too funny. Get the beer! :)

    Blessings, C~

  2. a summer love: nope
    Favvorite ice cream: strawberry/mango fruitista from Taco Bell

    SPF: 45

    Lost top jumping off the diving board

  3. 1. Tim. I was 15 he turned 18 while we were dating. I bought that boy graduation presants & birthday presants & then he up and dumped me. I only have myself to blame though. I prayed at camp that if anything was distracting me from keeping God number one in my life that he would remove it from my life. Two weeks later I was dumped.

    2. Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade Bars. Mmmm.

    3. 30 right now but I really prefer 15. But I bought a 2 pack of 30 at Sams club so I am probably using 30 all summer. :)

    4. Thankfully no.

    You are such a great sister for sharing that lovely story with us! LOL!

  4. 1-no, not really! just my hubby...but thankfully he's stuck around for many summers to follow.
    2-tutle candy sundae!!!!! my mouth is drooling just thinking about it! also LOVE heath blizzards with extra heath please!
    3-i use 30, i have such fair skin!
    4-thankfully, no!

  5. 1. nope
    2. Baskin Robbins english toffee and mint choc chip ice cream!!!
    3. sometimes 15, but a lot of the time none
    4. fun or crazy? yes, I was crazy when in HS me and 3 other girls "thought" we were alone in a small lake and decided to "daringly" take our tops off!

  6. 1- Yes...I've had a few. One was a close friend that I started hanging out with day-in-day-out one summer, and we just began to see each other in "that way."

    2- Oh man. Right now I'm diggin' Counter Culture plain yogurt in a waffle cone. Yessssir!

    3- 45. I'm terrified of cancer.

    4- Nope, but sure have lost many a bikini bottom from playing too rough in the ocean or lake!

  7. summer love where the guy actually knew i was in love with him? OH LOTS of those. but only a few long distant loves after summer camp that didn't last!

    i have sun spots on my face because i am so stinkin' bad about sunscreen. i have learned my lesson and now use 30 spf.

    never had much to even keep up the top, so you'd think i would have a bunch of stories on this one. none that i can remember. yours is pretty funny though!


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